The critters who live here

Fudge is my old man. He's a 12 year old chihuahua, doesn't have a tooth left in his head, and loves to chase tractors. He does enjoy his nap time.

Ashley is "The Beaglador". She's somewhere around 8 years old. Black lab and Beagle cross. She came from our daughter Hannah. This is the ball chasingest dog you ever saw. Ashley is the perfect sized dog, not to big that she's in the way in the house, but big enough to jump herself up in the back of the truck and go out riding with us for hours with the horses. 
Ashley and Fudge
Mollie is Connie's little doggie. She's half wire hair doxie and half shih-ztu, She loves chasing snow when you kick it at her.

Kiki is Mike's cat that came to live us.

Benjamin Brown is the oldest guy on the homestead at 24. We don't know what kind of horse he is, we got him from a horse trader who didn't know. We're guessing something crossed with draft horse. 

Hanckock's Gaelic Fox is a 5 year old, quarter horse, mare we got last year. 

My Foxy Echo Spook is a little APHA mare we picked up to get her out of a bad situation. 

Norman is last year's Jersey steer. He even walks on a leash with me.
The flock of chickens. Some of them have names, some of them look just like the other chickens. Right now there is
Captain- White Rock Roo.
Einstein- Splash Polish Crested
Phyllis-  Cochin Orpington hen
Friendly- Easter Eager hen
Spurs- Australorp hen
Traveler- Australorp hen
FeFe (as in Iron cause she's so dark red) Sagitta hen
Spaz- White Rock hen
Buffy- Red Ranger hen
Speckles- Austra White hen
Maybelline- Sagitta hen
Baby chicken- Barred Rock x

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