Sunday, October 23, 2011

I need to stick to kindling

So in an effort to do some work around the house, and work on some upper body strength, I decided to try and split some of the logs we didn't get to when the log splitter was here. Ugh. I am not strong enough, or coordinated enough for it. I thunked the handle into a log with the axe part off the side. I hit the side of the axe into the wood. I thunked the damned thing right into the log, and just dented the top. It was rather funny actually to watch. I kept splitting just a thin sliver off the side of the log. A few I actually hit just right, perfect in the center, and split the log. It was not a pretty site. I made Teh Spawn take pics, since I'm always taking pics of them working around the house. Try not to laugh too hard.

 Hitting with the handle instead of the head

Splitting a piece off the side

Oh look, another slice off the side

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Good weather is over

Forty One degrees, rainy, windy. Cold is here. Jess spent one of the last few nice days splitting wood. Scott and Jess had cut up a bunch of logs into rounds, and we borrowed a hydraulic splitter from a neighbor. Jess ran the splitter, and I pitched splits into the truck, made another pile, and brought rounds for her to split.

This morning Dave's horses behind us were out. Scott found them when he pulled up from work. They didn't go far, just eating grass shoulder high on them, on the side of the drive. He got one caught by the flymask, and the other two followed and bolted into the short pasture. I bundled up in my Carharts, and went out to help case them down. They were caught in the pasture, but in no mood to be caught up. They ran, they bucked, they acted like they hadn't seen a person before in their lives. Scott got a bucket of grain and suddenly they were ready to be caught. They ran and bucked like wild things again after we turned them loose out back at Dave's again.  Jess and I had to bundle up again later and go lash down the hay tarps again. The wind has been crazy here for two days. So I decided hot, fresh bread sounded wonderful. It's in the over as we speak. Another twenty mins and yummiE.


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