Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Three pounds hamburger
One box cheap brand stuffing
Three tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce
Third cup ketchsup
Half cup brown sugar
Two tablespoons mustard 
Two eggs
Garlic salt and pepper to taste

 Heat oven to 357. Mix everything up in a large bowl. I place a piece of tin foil in a broiler pan and poke holes for the fat to drip down. Form mix in a loaf shape. I add a topping to keep the bread crumbs from burning and my kids love it. Cook till the meat thermometer reads the correct temp for ground beef.


One cup ketchsup
 Half cup mustard
 Half cup brown sugar
 Table spoon soy sauce
 Three table spoons Worcestershire sauce

Xanodyne agrees to withdraw propoxyphene from the U.S. market

So I'm watching TV tonight and I see one of those, call our lawyers offices and let us sue for you!!  It's for a recall on Darvon and Darvocet. It's been causing heart issues up to and including death. I look it up on the interwebz, and it was just recalled by the FDA Nov 20th of this year. Do you know how many of those little pink pills I've taken in the last three years from the nerve damage after getting attacked by that Rottie?!? 
http://www.classaction.org/darvon-and-darvocet.html Arg. I go back to the cardiologist Jan 4th to review all the damned tests I've had recently. EKG, Echo cardiogram, three rounds of blood work, sleep apnea test, peed in a jug for 24 hours, ct scan..............

Monday, December 13, 2010

Saturday was cold and icky. So after I got home from work I made bread. I love hot fresh bread. Three loaves. We usually manage to eat one whole loaf before it cools completely off. I had bought two hams and two turkeys before Thanksgiving day for my freezer. I made a ham a week ago. Yesterday I decided on the turkey. It wasn't bad. Wasn't great but it wasn't bad. We cut more logs for firewood. I should say Scott cut more logs, I helped load some in the back of the truck. Did laundry out the wazoo. Cleaned the kitchen since Liam was sick, and since I did for Liam, I did floors for Jesse. And had the turkey in the oven. Today was turkey soup. The soup was amazingly better than the roast turkey. With fresh bread slathered in butter... mmm.. Took the turkey carcass and tried to put it in one of my large stock pots. I didn't fit. I had to go out in the garage for the Huge assed pot. All the bones of the turkey, half of an onion just thrown in, three whole cloves of garlic, three carrots just snapped in half- skins still on, four celery stalks snapped in half, paprika, bay leaves, thyme, salt and pepper. Boiled till the bones started falling apart, about three hours.  Strained out the stock through a cheesecloth, added the other half an onion- chopped, three more carrots- chopped and peeled, three more stalks of celery- chopped, all the leafy bits from the inside of the celery- chopped, and most of the turkey I peeled off the carcass last night. I even made homemade egg noddles. I got sick of rolling them out, so they were rather dense. But damn it was good soup.Here's the difference in the size of the pots. lol

I also decided I would learn to crochet. I asked the MIL if she had a spare crochet hook while were over to turkey day. She sent me home with a needle, and some left over yarn. I've been making hats

Monday, December 6, 2010

my misbehaing heart saga

Thought I was having a heart attack Oct 20th. Guess not, as they let me go home.  Had the flu two weeks ago. Got better for a few days. Thought I came back down with it again Sat night. Heart did some crazy, relearning how to beat stuff, made me cough when it hit my lungs. Then I puked, got back in bed and back to sleep. No sore throat, no head cold, no cough. Just fever, body ache. Felt better Wed finally. Body ache started in the back of my hips, and worked upwards to my middle back, to head and neck yesterday. No headache today, yay! Round 11-ish headache is back. Take two generic ibuprofen. Noon-ish and I feel nauseous. Start dry heaving, nothing really comes up. I start feeling a little odd. Like my heart feels like its beating very hard/fast, but I'm sitting reading a book and it's 88bpm. Then I get that feeling like after you've had a diet pill, or a benedryl and the loopy wears off and you're twice as wired. I'm feeling rather like I've been hyperventilating, but I'm breathing normally, even slow. My upper body is hot and feeling odd. Almost like lactic acid is building up, but I'm not working the muscles. I'm a little tingly, dizzy-ish. I call my boss up at the house to ask her to come out to the shop to see if I'm a weenie and it's all in my head, or if something is wrong. Suddenly it's everything I can do to reach over and pick up the phone. My arms are so tired. She's not up at the house, and I start crying suddenly. I am the most calm person in a situation I know. Hell I drove myself to the ER after getting attacked by the rottie. She's on her way back to town. I'm sitting there and realizing I really can move my left arm. I can, but it's SO tired and just flops back down. I'm staring off at the wall and realize I'm having a conversation with myself in my head. "You really should take a breath now... Breath in... In and out now..." I just really had no inclination to breath. So I called 911. Balled out crying again to the operator, even though I was trying to be calm. Boss showed up, shortly followed by the sheriff. First Responders. Get my oxy. I never passed out. Shaking like a leaf all over, but not cold. Chest hurts, not bad, just seriously uncomfortable. Load me on the gurney, mask over my face. Breaths shallow, blood ox at like 98. It dips down to 94 or lower when the mask is off, but I really don't feel like breathing and I'm taking very shallow breaths. He feeds me a handful of chewable aspirin. It does help a little. Show up at the hospital, IV in arm. Same questions Ive answered five times. Nitro tabs under the tongue. Damn those things burn. Headache starts. Pain settles down and moves more into the center of my chest. Another nitro tab to burn under my tongue. Demerol, and Adavan. They think it's just anxiety. I have more wired hooked to me. CT scan of my head and my chest. X-Rays of the chest. And then they say they don't think I had a heart attack. Maybe some sort of mini stroke. Don't see any evidence of anything. All the blood comes back normal. So they send me home. I have to go back at 7:00am for more blood work enzyme stuff. Heart attack my not always show up straight away, and may not show on EKG. Brilliant day.

Followed up with my normal family doc a week later. He wants me to wear a Holter monitor for 24 hours. Gies me a script for Atavan.  The sticky pads on those things make me itch like crazy after about 13 hours.

Got a call from my Doc's office Fri. They finally have the results from my Holter Monitor test. I had to wear one of those 24 hour heart monitors. It was annoying. I was a bit concerned since it was the nurse calling saying I needed to come in for the results, if it were nothing she just would have said over the phone. At the same time I was a little not worried because the hospital said if they found anything bad, they would call the doc instead of waiting for him to give me the results. For the last three weeks I've been taking Atavan every time I feel my heart beating too hard, or adrenaline flooding my system. I can only take them in halves, or I'm stoopid, sitting on the couch and drooling.

Hit the Doc's office at 4:00pm. So I really did have an issue with my heart, and it wasn't all in my head. Normally resting, not doing anything heartbeat per min is around 70-80. While working out aerobically you want it to hit around 120 bpm. My resting doing nothing but reading a book was hitting 140! At night while I was sleep is would get back down to high 70's but was up over 115 once. As soon as I woke up I was over 100. Afternoon and early evening was when it was hitting 120, 140. We asked, Scott went with me so I didn't forget anything, and he has some knowledge of the way the body works, if it was anxiety and my head was getting into it too much. I kept complaining the I didn't want to breath. Scott thought I was just over thinking it. Doc says no, not anxiety. If it was, he would expect to see random episodes, when I was awake. Hit, and go away. My rapid heartbeat was lasting hours. And while I asleep. I kept a journal, when I felt weird or an adrenaline dump, I wrote it down. Unfortunately it didn't correlate with my heart being weird on the monitor. 

I asked so what happens if I just ignore it, don't do anything about it. Learn to just live with, or ignore the adrenaline, and the not wanting to breath. He said it's not going to kill me. Soon anyhow. Basically I'm hyperventilating without breathing any harder, and my body is trying to slow it down. With the rapid heartbeat I'm getting too much oxygen. My heart is working overtime and working under too much strain. So I won't die tomorrow, but the added strain is bad. 

He said to let's try putting me on beta blockers to slow my heartbeat down, and help the heart work more efficiently. Atenolol is what I'm on. I can only take half of one at a time because my blood pressure is already really low. It makes me a little tired, and a bit light headed. I have to try this for two weeks. If I don't feel any better, I have to see a cardiologist. My Dad thought of a really good question I didn't think of. Is the rapid heart beat causing the adrenaline dump? Or is it something making me have too much adrenaline that's making the heart beat fast, and I'm just covering that underlying cause with the beta blockers, while the original problem continues. ugh.

Went to the cardiologist Tues morning the 29th. I liked him. He listened to everything I had to say, took notes, and went back over everything to make sure we had it all. I didn't feel rushed, or like he already had an opinion and didn't need to listen to what I thought. I had another EKG, and an echo cardiogram. He even did it that morning in the office after I mentioned I was worried about ending up like a Hallmark movie. Sorry, you have a virus in your heart and now you're going to be dead. Size, shape, and function was all normal. I felt my family doc wasn't really concerned with my question, is the extra adrenaline causing the rapid heart rate, or the heart causing the adrenaline. Next time I don't open my bog mouth. I got to pee in a cup for 24 hours and keep it in a jug in my fridge. Had more blood work. All checking for the adrenaline level in my blood. I have a CT scan scheduled for Mon to check out my adrenal glands. He also had a finger pulse ox machine delivered to my house to measure if I stop breathing during the night. Since I've started the beta blockers I've noticed I wake up gasping like I haven't been breathing for a little bit. He also put me on Singular to help me breathe easier, and a different beta blocker that seems to work better.  He really seemed concerned with the way my heart is misbehaving. It's like if you're panting fast, your lungs never get a chance to really expand and push a lot of oxygen through. Well he said my heart is doing the same thing. Most people don't hit 125bpm when exercising, and I'm pushing 140. Not good. Not good at all. The new beta blockers get me down though. Lying in bed trying to fall asleep while my heart feels like it's going to beat out of my chest, I take my pulse and it's only at 62bpm. I'm guessing it's finally getting the chance to expand all the way, so it feels like it's beating really heard. My blood pressure was 109/68 at the docs and I felt like my heart was beating crazy hard, but the pressure said not so much. 


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