Friday, November 20, 2009

Dumb ass moment for the year. Good thing the year is almost over, and I don't have to try and beat it.

Oh... So this is what Scott's truck would look like if I rolled it into a canal at night. We were driving out to a tack auction in Jerome lastnight. I thought I knew where we were going, but I guess I was wrong. Heading down Bob Barton highway, I realized we were not where we were supposed to be. I started to turn the truck around just fine. Headed back the way we came I started to pull back onto the road, but I guess I got too close to the edge. The passenger side started to tip down and the next thing I knew we weren't going forwards, we were sliding down through the weeds onto the passenger side. Scott asked "Are we rolling?" Hell yeah the fucking truck was going over on the roof. I felt like I was inside a front loader washing machine. I bashed the crap out of my shoulder on the roof of the car. We ended up with the drivers side of the truck in the bottom of the canal. I didn't what was going on. I wondered if we were ever going to stop moving. Then we needed to get out of the truck NOW. I righted myself towards up, and started telling Scott to get off me and get out of the truck. Get out now. He was still trying to figure which was was up. He got the passenger door opened straight up. I Needed to get out of the truck. I was so scared of being stuck inside there. When I think now, what if the truck had gotten stuck on the roof, we wouldn't have been able to get the doors open, it scares the crap out of me. Some one had pulled off the side of the road, and was coming back as I climbed out of the truck. Scott came out right behind me. I couldn't understand the Mexican he was jabbering at me for a second. Then I realized he was asking if we were ok, and if anyone else was in the truck. I used his phone to dial 911. I couldn't remeber what road we were on. I remembered we were started on 93. We were past the 200 west road. The dispatch operator said he'd track the GPS on the phone. Then I remembered we'd turned down Bob Barton. Scott had a few little cuts on either side of his head. My shoulder finally started to hurt. I didn't remeber having banged it. The sherriff finally got there and the nice Mexican guy wished us good luck and drove off. Another lady had stopped and she waited around for just a little after they got there and she left as well. The sherriff called out an ambulance since Scott had a little bit of blood on his head. They came and didn't even put a band aid on his shiney scalp. It wasn't bad. The sherriff looked at out reports, and came back with a grin on his face. "How do you like working for Dan?" Dan and Rhonda own Windswept Kennels where I work, and Dan used to be a Jerome police officer. I just had to laugh. They take really good care of me over there, was my answer. So here is some pics of the truck.

And here is the ditch we fell in. After we opened the passenger side door, the side of the truck was almost level with the side of the raod. We just had to step up a little off the truck to get out. It wasn't just a ditch, it was an irrigation canal. Thank God the water was shut off for the winter. We don't irrigate here in the winter.

Here is why, at night in the dark, I couldn't see the drop off. I also smashed down all the weeds growing out of the canal that made it look like just the side of the road.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

House and horse pics

Took Jess, Liam, and their friend Lance  out to see the house and the ponies. We have windows and doors!!

                                                         Stairs to the bonus room

Shower stall in the master bath

Inside the house

Back doors out to the deck

Front of the house

Garage hasnt had the door cut out yet

Lance riding my boy Spook

Kids and the horses

Jess on Ben

Liam on Spook

Monday, November 16, 2009

Nov 16th

The house is coming along so fast. They were just finishing up sheeting the last of the outside with plywood while I was out there today. No pics, cause It doesn't look too much different now Just the top is finished now. All the plywood is on the roof. Inside the windows aren't cut out yet, and it was too dark with my camera phone to get anything seeable. The septic tank is dug and set. They are going to do the leach field in the next couple days. We're waiting on Idaho Power and the well guy still. Idaho Power is gonna take their sweet assed time now that they have our money. The well guy I can understand the delay. That tractor with the drill on it only gets about two miles to the gallon. So he's trying to set it up to go in a big circle around the surounding countryside with everyone who needs a well done, or work done on an exsisting well. Scott wants them to dig a trench from the well out to the front pasture so we can run a water line later. I asked if we could put an electric line in with it for an electric water heater for the water troughs. I don't really fancy getting up early every morning to drive out before work and break ice. Gonna have to for a while untill the property has electric through. I did go out and see Spook today. We went riding again yesterday. Me, Scott, Kurt, Liam, Tim and his daughter went. Tim's been bringing Cream Puff over to Kurt's to round pen. I see a difference even if Tim doesn't. Ben got his first lesson as well. Don't think he's ever had to do it before. It took forever to get him to figure out to turn to the inside and bring his head around to us instead of swinging his ass around when he turns. Butts never get to to turn to the people. Scott made huge headway with Patches. She's following around people now. When I went out to dink with the horses today she actually followed me around. I was impressed. We have her in a smaller pen in the pasture. It's portable electric like you take camping. Two and a half acres is just too much room to chase her till she gets tired of running. Today I walked up slow and she let me. She's been avoiding being touched like we have the plauge. I rubbed on her, scratched some itchey places, and then walked around a little, and she followed me all over the place. Even took pics on my phone to send to Scott with her all up in my business.


This is his dad, Cowboy Spook

Friday, November 13, 2009


Went riding today. On my new Palamino Paint Gelding, Spook!!!! What a dream he is. I've ridden him before and fell in love. He belonged to our friend Kurt. Well Kurt has a friend who has a red dun mare that looks identical to Kurt's Two Bit. Kurt's whole everything lights up when he talks about her. Scott had told me about her a few days ago. I've recently been having a thing for red duns. Even more so since Kurt got Two Bit. I was really interested in this one Dirk has. But Scott told me how much Kurt talks about her. Well he already had Spook who was a great horse. Go all day kinda guy. And Two Bit is a serious powerhouse. No way was Kurt going to be able to ride enough to keep three powerhouses in training. So we went out two nights ago to talk to Kurt. Was he Really wanting this dun mare? If not, I thought I might want her. But she's only three, and just being started. Did I want to have to deal with another horse I was really going to have to work with? I knew Dirk would put an amazing start on her, but still... So we talked to Kurt and I could tell he's in love, so I asked him if he'd want to part with Spook. Then he'd have the money to buy this red dun. We both win out. And he agreed!! Spook is a nine year old, palamino, paint gelding.He's been everywhere and seen everything. Side passes if I can learn how to make him do it. I already have him stepping over on the trail off my leg. Moves cows all day. Packs and he's been hunting. Some hunters where out after ducks where we went for a ride today. The first shot he just twitched. The second two here close to us and he flinched. Just flinched and kept on going. The third time he didn't even twitch an ear. He has the most wonderful, slow, easy lope. And he can keep it up all day. And even better, the new aussie saddle I bought, I worried might be a little narrow for him, fit him just fine. Kurt rode Roxy today, and she did fantastic. She's his wife's coming 4 year old curly. She needs to fill out more still, and he's put off really riding her due to that. She stayed in a nice little lope next to Spook, no problems. Didn't flip out and loose her mind even a little when the guns went off. Scott took Patches. He's coming along so nicely with her. Doesn't let her pull any crap. He's doing so good at staying out of her mouth, and woking more with her  moving off his feet and legs. His new saddle looks amazing on her.
Creaky as all get out, but that will go away the more he rides it. They look so good together. She didn't seem to mind the hunters either. We just had her feet and Benjamins feet done yesterday, so she was a little tender. He took Alot off her toes. But all in all we had a great ride.
                                            Me n Spook

Kurt n Roxy

Honey Jo n Brownie

Andrea n Sota, Scott n Patches

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Saddles, and hay, and trusses, oh my

So I've missed a few days. So much has gone on. The big tree in the pasture had to come down. The horses had ate the heck out of the bark anyhow, but Idaho Power said it was going to be in the way.
Hauled all the branches off to the dump, and cut up all the usable wood to burn in the fireplace once it sits and seasons for a year. Youcan see in the backround the walls going up on the house. They poured the cement slab for the garage and have been hauling ass ever since.

Yesterday the trusses started rolling

Garage with the bonus room over head

Out back digging the septic

Tuesday evening we got 4 tonof hay delivered. Grass alfalfa mix. We brought it out and stacked it up and everything. Well it was on a squeeze truck, so it was already stacked, but yay, we didn't have to haul it.

Scott got one of the nicest saddles I've seen in a while. It's a Billy Cook Wade Tree. It's beautiful. He went down to the little saddle and boot place there in Jerome by where we work. I groomed their dogs just a couple of weeks back. He called me and wanted it. I just wondered why he didn't already have it bought.

The palamino is gonna be mine!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's official, there's a port a potty

So that means there must be guys there working and needing it right? They are and they do. We have gravel all down the road. And it's all spread out now. The foundation is dug, the footings are poured. The stem walls were being done on Mon when I went out there. I snapped a few shots while the cement truck was still out there. Today they are supposed to be pouring cement for the garage and the front of the drive.

Over the last weekend I spent the weekend in Boise with Scott's family. Got to meet his brother and had a great time. We drove all over the place looking for this one saddle shop. I was bound and detirmined I was getting my saddle while we were in Boisie. Even to the point of feeling a tempet tantrum coming on when things didn't appear to be going my way. Finally pulled out a phone book, called the tck places in the area and nearby towns, and eneded up back way out in Middleton where we got lost in the first placelooking for the first tack shop we went to go look out. Too bad we hadn't been smart in the first place, and could have cut out a ton of driving. But I like wandering around looking at the countryside. We ended up at the Flying W. He had two used Aussie saddles. One was kinda cheaply made, missing a stirrup and leather. The other was $900. I could see any part of me spening that kind of money on a saddle. Especially when the horse only was $500. But... The owner said it was the weekend for making  deals. It already had a breastcollar, and brushguard trail sturrips. He came down to $800. The saddle was on consignment and he knew the lady who brought it out wasn;t going to go any further down from that. So we got it home, and I looked it up online. It's a custom Syd Hill Suprema Bushmaster Poley. The start somewhere around $2500. I knew it was a really good deal on a really good used saddle, but I didn't know how good.


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