Sunday, March 11, 2012

Laundry soap and alfalfa

Today I made laundry soap. The directions and recipe are from Mooberry Farms. Mooberry Farms Laundry Soap It was simple and easy to do. I've done three loads of laundry so far. It smells nice, set thick. So far the clothes look clean. I'm very happy with this. I took pictures, but Scotty's computer blew a fuse, and the little old laptop won't read the stick in my camera.

Last year's garden was off to a great start. The neighbor came over and disced, and tilled. Scott got my furrow in. And then I ended up in the hospital twice. All the little started plants I had died. I was in no condition to work the seeds in that needed direct sow, or take care of things once they started growing. The weeds loved it though. They took over like gangbusters. And the ALFALFA is the bane of my excistence. Where the garden is was just pasture way back when before the house went in. There was a mix of mostly grass and a little alfalfa. Do you know what happens when you cut up a root from an alfalfa plant? Each peice grows a new plant. Do you have any idea how far down or how big around these roots are? They are like carrots that go two feet into the ground. So when my nice neighbor came over last year to disc everything, he chopped up the roots of the few plants in the pasture. Now it's everywhere. I was out fro two hours today with Scotty's claw head hammer working on weeds and alfalfa. Two hours, and I got through two rows. Now in my defense these rows are 75 ft long, and the garden is 35 ft wide. Two rows out of like 12.... This is gonna take me a while.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

No pics, but the birds think spring is on the way

Driving to work yesterday morning I saw my first Red-winged Blackbird of the year. Made the left to go out to the highway and there he was sitting on a fencepost, chest all puffed up, and warbling to the world. This put a smile on my face most of the morning. Taking the road between Gooding and Wendle, I looked out into a cornfield full of black cows and noticed an extra bright white clump on the ground. The clump was stuck to a darker clump. Turns out out it was a Bald Eagle sitting on the ground, and as I drove by I saw it's mate hanging out a few feet way. They were being harassed by crows and it made me wonder what they had down on the ground. This morning driving Teh Spawn to church, black birds were everywhere. I was excited to have seen one, and today they are all over.

The weather is beautiful this afternoon, and I even have the windows in the house open for the fresh air. It's still long sleeve tee shirt weather outside, but no jacket.  The sun is shining, the wind has died down. /happydance is all I have to say.


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