Monday, March 22, 2010

Engine 9

Got a truck Finally!!!!! Closed on the house Finally!!!!!It's huge. Screaming red. Dodge Cummings 2500 3/4 ton. Four door. Four wheel drive. Long bed. Manual transmission. Tow package. BMW Hide a Hitch in the bed already for the fifth wheel. Air bags under the bed to help with load distribution. Drop in bedliner that we want to get rid of for a spray in. Diamond plate topper on the bed. Dad asked me if it came with it's own fire hydrant, so I decided to call it Engine Nine. I even drove it today, and nobody died! Woot!! It's not as scary as I had psyched myself out. It's Long, so  I was worried about reverse. I'm already a blond when it comes to backing up. I have to pull the seat up almost as far as it goes to be able to push the clutch in all the way. I push with my tip toe. My knee is almost in my bellybutton to push in the E Brake. Crappy pics from my phone.

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