Monday, May 10, 2010

We haz a round pen

Jess took Ben out bareback the other day in it. She was scared, but after watching me lope him around, she agreed to try and give him a little jog. He is the most comfortable of the three to ride. Smoooooth. She actually did it. And for more than just a few steps. Like a few turns around the pen. Each way. She grabbed up Spook the other day. Bareback, and just a halter and lead. Spook's figured out that it's easier on him if he just breaks into a nice easy lope then letting her bounce around up there. He's not moving much faster than a jog. Jess got him to lope around for her. Bareback. I was like "YAY". She turned him to go the other way, he to a hard cut threw the center of the pen, and off she came. What amazed me the most, was I could tell she was hurting, and wanting to cry, and when I told her she could put him up and call it quits, she said that no, she wanted to do this. So I threw her back up and there they went. She cantered him around the round pen a few time. Why can't she have this attitude about doing chores and homework? They both wanted to ride saturday. So my kids saddled and took the horses into the round pen to ride around a bit. Scott had the idea for them to play tag. You want to throw a fit to be by your buddy, well then when you're with your buddy, it's time to work. Here's the kids beating on each other plaing tag. Jess is on Spook, and Liam is on Patches.

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