Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm home. Only bad to spend 8 days in the hospital this time, instead of 12, so I got off early. I'm getting a million "What happened?" questions, and I don't mind dishing the details. Again I was an ass and tried holding out going to the ER till the last minute. At least it wasn't the last dying minuet this time. I'd been having a lot of lower abdominal pain starting the Thurs before I gave in and went. Rode my horse, and went to work for two days in pain bad enough that they gave up shooting me in the arm, and gave me the button I could push every ten minuets. Yeah, color me stubborn. In my defense, I already had a Doc appt on Mon, and I was trying to hold out until then. I did pack a bag when I drove myself to the ER, knowing they were going to most likely keep me. Again, color me stubborn, I wouldn't let Scott take me. I was right, they admitted me, after giving me the "We're going to test you for this type of cancer, and three others." That scared me a little. Turns out all this crap wasn't related to the Crohns disease problems I'm already going through. Stupid ovarian cyst the size of a softball was on my right ovary. Since I'd just recently had surgery to take out 16cm of small intestine, they couldn't go in laproscopiclly to fix it. They had to open me up all over again from my belly button down. 25 staples later, a lot of pain later, and I'm home, all better, except for the recovery. Scott and I are arguing over that I want to be a hard ass and go back to work after two weeks off, and he wants me to take off the six the docs say I should. We'll see who wins this time. lol. Anywho, I'm home.

Went to the Doc's yesterday to get the staples out. Good thing since I already popped two. He said they were More than ready to come out. the skin was already healing under and around them. It's only been 9 days since I got out of the hospital. Tues Sept. 13th is when I had the surgery. I'm healing a million times faster this time than I did the last surgery. Heather was still driving me around three weeks later because I couldn't drive. I barely got up and shuffled around a few times a day. Didn't get to sleep in my own bed until almost two weeks after i got home. this time I got out on a Mon, was driving by Thurs. sleeping in my own bed the second night. Walking all over, moving the horses, did the irrigation the other day. I'm still taking the painkillers mind you, but I'm so much better.  

We got most of our hay. Four ton of grass, a ton and a half of alfalfa right now, with one more ton of alfalfa coming. Scott and Jess got most of the grass stacked before my hospital staycation, and when Everyone was over this last weekend for Maria's first b-day so the boys helped Scott unload the alfalfa off the trailer and stack it when they were here. Jess and I helped Scott get the tarps over it. 

 Trip to Blackfoot Fair

maria's 1st Bday

And here's some pics I've been a slacker about getting up. Camping above Sun Valley.

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