Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Winter break is coming to an end. Time to get my outta shape butt back to work

Most of the winter I sat on my butt. I waited eagerly for my Star Wars game to come out. I shared the computer with Scott and played on his nights at work. My horses thought they were never going to have to work again. I think I've taken Patches out just once this spring. Jess has ridden Ben into town a bunch of times. All that came to a screeching halt starting this week. Holey woefully out of shape I am. Panting and wheezing after just a little work. Shoulders and arms burning from digging a few little holes. No pictures of me since I was the one manning the camera, but i was in proper hillbilly gear. Teeshirt, shorts, boot socks, and of course cowboy boots. I was stylin.

Scott brought some shipping crates home from work last year. This year he put a coat of oil based primer, and two coats of latex on one of them. It's going to be the bottom of my chicken condo. The old dog house we had, he gave the same treatment, and it's going on top. Now he just has to build some outside access nesting boxes, and set it together. He scored some wood from work, and has all the stuffs to make them for me. I'm very excited for chickens this year, and Scotty's building me a great chicken condo.

Mon after work he drove us to Uncle Mikes to borrow the tractor again. He was out there Mon night in  the dark making my garden look like a garden again. Last year Jim came over from the dairy and rototilled everything up. This year Scotty did it all for me. He even widened the garden area. We're sitting at 75ftX40ft now. I hope I can get enough plants growing to fill it all in. I've got three types of tomatoes, four different peppers, broccoli, eggplants, and a couple types of flowers, all started in the kitchen like I did last year.

He also re tilled the round pen. Those fat ponies are gonna have to put some work into it now.

I spent a good part of the early afternoon learning to drive the tractor. We had the arena rack on the back, and I drug and drug that sucker over the pastures, breaking up horse turds and ripping out old grass that didn't burn.Boy those things don't have any shocks. Scotty wanted to show my how to find a higher gear than second so I could go a little faster. No thank you. I thought I was gonna bounce my spleen out through my ears as it was. I didn't need a higher gear. Going down the field wasn't too bad, but crossing over all those corrugates..... Rattled what brains I had left, loose. I did Andrea's pastures next door too. 

Dave is gonna grow alfalfa out back, so he has the horses penned up while he sprays to kill the back, and for weeds in front. Scott and I went out first thing yesterday morning and loaded the hay he hasn't fed yet this year, and moved it over into our yard so it was easier for us to throw it over while the horses are penned. We also took out the sagging, falling down, crappy assed, barbwire fencing in the corner that wasn't holding anything up anymore, but the weeds. Three new poles in the ground, and a temp hot wire fence till Dave builds a good fence between the properties. I thought I was gonna die trying to help Scotty dig those holes. The first foot or so isn't bad cause you can still use the shovel. Once that stupid post hole, clam shell digger comes out, bleh. I couldn't force it down hard enough to get into the dirt, the bottoms can't close all the way, and I ended up dropping more dirt back into the hole than I got out of it. And man I was out of breath. I need to get my fat ass on a treadmill.

What's blooming already in my yard?

Some random pics I found on my camera...
The wind blew the ice up on the pond as it froze.

Making laundry soap

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