Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chigs and Pickens

...As Scott calls them. Everyone is in their little houses now. Scotty got my chicken condo, the pig auto water, and the feeder done. I still have to paint daisys and peace signs on the condo, but I'll wait for Teh Spawn to get back from Arizona. The garden is still growing carpets of weeds. I went out like an idiot today in a sports bra and shorts to do my morning weeding. I thought I'd work on getting rid of the hillbilly farmer tan I have going on. My arms and face are nice and tan. My cheeks all rosey. And..... it all stops and my shirt sleeves. So out I went a weeding. I spent two hours out there bent over on my hands and knees pulling fistfulls of weeds. I do that all the time. Unfortunatly I didn't think of all that untanned white skin across my back and shoulders. All that white skin that is now a bright cherry red. And Tender. Moron... /sigh. Of course I can't really reach it either to put lotion on it, and Scott works tonight. I didn't even realize I'd done it till later this afternoon when I came in to shower all the dirt and mud off my shins and knees. I got this flash of red from the mirrow out of the corner of my eye, and thought, "Good googly moogly, thats going to hurt like a bitch later." Yeah, I was right. The worst part is that I have a brand new can of spray on sunscreen sitting right there on the counter.

So onto the pic spam. I love taking pics of the goings on around here.

The chicken condo started with this...

and this

Starting to put the kennel together while...

Putting the last coat of paint on the nest boxes and the outside of the box

We were going to have the condo inside the fence, but it cut down on so much space we decided to take the chain link off the back pannel and replace it with chicken wire we could cut a whole through for the condo doors.

Our first egg.... if I could just figure out how to make the chicken stop eating thier own eggs before I can...

Gratuitous piggie pic

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