Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hollywood movies with corn fields are full of baloney

I've watched movies with some damsel in distress trying to get away from the axe wielding manic, by running through a corn field. What a load of horse turds! Have you ever even Been in a corn field? Bah. We have a little patch of corn growing in the back of the garden. That stuff shot up like crazy in the last two weeks. Along the edges is still shorter than I am, but in the middle that stuff is taller than the hubby, and he's just over 6ft tall. Well Idaho weather being what it is, two evenings ago, just before sunset, this monster down draft of wind smacked into our house. One minuet Teh Spawn and I are sitting on the couch chatting with friends on Facebook, and the next we hear the wind pick up and start wooshing through the trees. The wall of dust hit, and I could see out the living room window, all my poor corn plants that I have been so proud of start to blow over in the wind. Idaho, being what it is, fifteen minutes later the wind died down and was gone.

I went out to look over the damage. Right in the center was the worst. Some of the corn was bent over, almost onto the ground, just it's neighbor stalks keeping it upright a little. Row after row pushed over. Hoping I could stand it back up I got to work. Out there in the dying light, mosquitoes making me into a sundown snack, I lifted corn stalks back up, and tried to tamp around the base with my flip flop to make them stand again. I made the mistake twice of trying to go back up between a row I'd just stood up instead of walking around the outside back to the front of the rows. That stuff is sharp along the edges of the leave. The leaves want to whip across you eyes, cheek, shoulders.  I was just walking and though, oh I don't want to do that again. My rows are more or less a wide enough for me to walk through. I wanted to be able to get in there and weed. The corn is planted more or less ten inches apart down the row. Have you ever really looked at a field of filed corn? That's the stuff for animal feed, not sweet corn. That's what they grown around here in all the corn fields. The rows are planted a ton closer together than my little garden plot. They don't space them at ten inches either. It's more like four. They pack in as much as possible, in as small an area as they can. That and the darned wind around here would knock it flat to the ground without neighbors to help hold it up. Try running through a field of that stuff. You'd get sliced to ribbons in the first five steps. 

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