Wednesday, September 26, 2012

You know it's fall in Hillbilly Idaho when...

You and the spouse start fighting over who's turn it is to vacuum flies off the ceiling in the ceiling in the garage. And not fight as in," I did it last time, it's your turn." No, it's fight as in," Oh that's a whole lot of them
right there, lemme have the vacuum. You did almost the whole garage door already, let me see it for a minute." It's fly season. It's been fly season for a while. I am sick to damned death of the flies. They are Everwhere! Can't go in and out of the front door because they are swarming. Gah, now they're all over the inside of the garage. Forgot to roll up the windows in the truck when I stopped at the dairy down the road to get milk for the pigs, and Gross. I can hear the hum from their wings from five feet away. Thousands of flies. 

We have pigs, chickens, horses. There are three dairies, a milk processing and a grain processing plant, all within two miles of us. More dairies, open corn, potato, onion, alfalfa, and beet fields all around us. These are ALL going to attract flies. Even in town the flies are bad this time of year. When it gets cold they all start looking for somewhere warmer to spend the night. All around the door frame and the window frame of the front of the house. All over the inside ceiling of the garage.

Flies on the frame for the garage door

Flies on the ceiling in the garge

Every time I open a door to go in or out, and that's quite a few times a day depending on what chore or another we're doing, a fly or two gets in the house. Let the dogs in or out without knowing there is a swarm by the front door, and a few get in the house. I go on carcass creating sprees in the living room and the kitchen. They leave nasty little fly specks (POOP) all of the place. I leave partially flattened carcasses all over the place.

I try fly spraying the inside of the garage, the underside of the pig shelter, around the front porch. I have gallon jug traps out all around the house. Fly strips in the garage and in my kitchen. The time I get my favorite revenge on the disease carrying, little flying, garbage munchers is at night when the temps cool down. I take Scott's big shop vac, put this little wedge attachment tip on and go to town. When they get cold they slow down. I place the tip against the roof, or garage door, or the frame and track to the door, and slowly sweep along, gleefully sucking flies up by the hundreds. A shot or two of fly spray down the hose before I turn it off, and YAY!

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  1. Oh no flies! Aren't they the worst! I know flies in the chicken coop can be a problem, try this...sounds weird but it works. You know those car fresheners that are yellow trees in VANILLA scent. Flies can't stand them. At a dollar a piece hang them in your garage and the flies should leave :) Thanks for linking up to our blog hop! I enjoyed reading your story!



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