Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Back log of pics

It's picture time!!! All the pics I've been meaning to put up and never got around to it. My laptop won't read the cards, and I never get around to going upstairs to the big computer. 

Dragonfly on corn stalk. 

Stanley wood cutting trip

Tasty on her way to Scarrows

Jess sitting in the truck with Spook,  Ben, and Patches
Love her

How cute is this

Beating the heat

Back when they were little

Scott helping me weed

Weeding when the garden was still starting to grow

Stanley wood cutting trip

Ima good supervisor

Scotty and Mike


Scott and Mike


Mike and Scott

Mike and Liam



Mike and Scott

Mike running the saw

Pressure canner at work for the first time

Spaghetti sauce

Yogurt draining out the whey

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