Sunday, January 13, 2013

Orange Vinegar Cleaner

That glass jar that's been sitting on my counter since Thanksgiving has been getting, "The Look." That look that silently asks me if I'm aware I have a jar of something that looks like it might be a disgusting something I forgot to wash. I just giggle. It's my new batch of orange cleaner. After a while the vinegar gets thick as it drawls all the oils out of the peels, and the orange leeches out leaving them a grey-ish sort of color. It does look a little like a jar of something that was pushed behind something else on the counter and forgotten about. I did forget to take an after pic.

 I finally got a chance to use my new cleaner today. I used it on the laminate floors and all the counter and table tops. I was really happy with it all around.

The Recipe
One large glass jar
White vinegar
Orange peels
I throw the orange peels in the freezer until I have enough to fill the jar. Fill the jar with vinegar after all the peels are in. Tighten the lid and forget it. Well don't completely forget it. I shook and flipped mine once a week, so it's good to leave it on the counter where you'll see it. Leave for 6-8 weeks.

Using it, I strained the liquid into a plastic spray bottle. I got about a cup and a half of concentrated cleaner. I added some hot hot water to the jar with the peels and swished it around. That stuff is thick. I filled the sprayer almost full the rest of the way and went to cleaning. Next time I think I'll use a larger glass jar. I'd like to have some straight concentrate to try on the greasy stuff in the kitchen.

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