Saturday, April 20, 2013

Moo Calf, Kato the Rooster

The Rooster has a name now. I've just been calling him Mr. Mean. He is a meanie. Runs up behind you and starts beating you with his wings, and scratching at you with his feet. He's gone after me, the dogs, even Scott. Why a five pound rooster thinks he has any business going after a 6'2", 200 pound man is beyond me, but he does. I got sick of it after the first two days. I chased his ass around the inside of the chicken run till I pinned him in the corner. Then I snatched him up and held him upside down by his feet and gave him a good shake. I carried him around upside down while I fed the girls, and filled the horse's water trough. Three afternoons in a row of that, and he decided maybe going after me wasn't a good idea.

Now he sneaks up on me. If i have my back to him and don't look right at him, he comes up on me, but as soon as I turn my head to him, he stops dead and starts looking around like, "What? I wasn't doing anything." He does the same to Scott, but isn't as sneaky about it. Scott has taken to calling him Kato from The Pink Panther. The sidekick guy who was always waiting trying to jump out and surprise Inspector Clueso. He waits till Scott isn't paying attention, then runs up behind him and jumps. Scott even chases him around the yard when he does it. He says it's a game between the two of them now. 

I'm ready to put him in a pot, but Scott says it's not that big a deal. I've been just Waiting for one of the girls to go broody. I'm down to 4 of the Jersey Giant girls. One was killed last Thanksgiving. One died recently of an impacted croup. I Want Babies!!!! Last year we had the Traveling Chicken go broody. I know I still have her cause she's as wild as a March hare. One other girl went broody for a little bit till I broke her of it. I know I have little bitty puffballs in the garage, but I want bitty puff balls that came from My chickens at least once.

I've been locking them in during the day and letting them out in the evenings when I feed. They have been laying eggs in other places than the nest box, and with the possibility of them been fertile, I don't trust the ones I find after playing Easter Egg Hunt. I just found six eggs the other day tucked up in the hay under the tarp covering  Dave's hay out back. So I took those six eggs and left them in one of the boxes hoping to entice a chicken to set them. I do have a line on a guy with a few Silky hens. I've heard they love to go broody.

Speaking of puffballs in the garage, I can just start to see a bit of a difference in size between the little pullets, and the Creepy Meats. Carolyn at Krazo Acres was the one who came up with that term. Their little wing feathers are starting to come in. I have better pics today than the first ones.

All the little buggers do is eat and poop. lol. They are very fun to watch though. When one thinks it finds something to eat, a handful of others come zipping over. They randomly just dart off after nothing. Some of them are flapping their wings and trying to fly already. I want to go get more. lol. 

I worked a little bit last night with Moo Moo cow. I just can't get a name to stick in my head with him, but every time I walk out to feed I call out, "Here Moo Moo Cow." The first time I tried to bottle feed I ended up with calf drool and milk all over me. I had to headlock him with my legs. Sucking reflex was there, but he wasn't trying to suck the nipple off the bottle. The next few days the same. Fast forwards to yesterday and he's headbutting with the bottle in his mouth, bashing it into my legs or stomach. I don't have to hold him still and put the nipple in his mouth. I still was getting covered in calf drool and milk. I went in last night after he was done and mixed up a little more milk replacer, very watered down and took it out in a bucket. I kept stuffing his head down in into the bucket hoping to get his lips into the milk to taste it. Twenty mins later I put the bucket on the ground and started feeding horses. Tried again stuffing his head in the bucket. Walked off and again left the bucket in his pen. When I came back to fill the horse's water, he had his head in the bucket slurping away. Success!! This morning and again this evening I took him his milk in the bucket and he went after it with no troubles. YAY! No more bottle. 


  1. I always wondered how difficult it would be to get a calf (or goat) to drink out of a bucket....sometimes it's hard enough to get a newborn goat kid to find his own dam's udder!!

    I WISH I were the one to come up with the term "Creepy Meats"! It was actually Ohio Farm Girl that started it. But is is very, VERY fitting. I'm horrible with naming critters, everyone else seems to come up with the best names. And speaking of great names, Kato is hilarious!!

  2. It did take a little doing to get him to realize his milk was in the bucket, but he finds the milk in the bucket a lot easier and trying to get that nipple on the bottle in his mouth.



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