Sunday, November 3, 2013

Chickens, Fencing, Steers and Horses

I was talking on the phone with my momma the other day and were were comparing chickens. I was trying to explain the breeds and the birds that I have, so I went out and snapped a few photos. The light was fading and I didn't get pics of everyone.

Einstein is bigger than I thought he was. He's turning into a very handsome rooster.

The White Plymouth Rock Rooster is Captain. I'm super happy with both the boys. Gentlemen, they both are. The White Rock behind him is a hen. 

This is the Red Ranger that I just couldn't butcher. She's so big and fluffy.

One of the Easter Eggers, the the Buffy Red Ranger in the background. This is the EE that will come over and eat of my hand. 

Two of the other Easter Eggers. 

This is Spur. One of the original hens we started with. She has spurs like a rooster. Her and the other other black hens are Black Australorps. I was told they were Jersey Giants, but the other birds are bigger than they are. Australorps we decided. All four of them are molting and look terrible right now.

This poor girl doesn't have any tail feathers left. Just some scraggly bits.

The fence has been working beautifully. Scott did a perfect job on it. None of the cows have gotten out, the horses are happily out on pasture and not eating the winter hay. 

Ben and Fox behind the new gate and fence braces.  

This is the corner brace that gave us such a hard time getting into the ground.

Bacon, the steer, is starting the grow in some woolly hair. He's looking like a fine tasting fellow. Soon we'll bring both the steers back up to the round pen and start feeding the crap outta them, getting them ready for the butcher. 

Norman was out stuffing himself on grass and didn't want to come out the the fence to get his picture taken. Give him a trunk though, and he's look like a baby Woolly Mammoth. 

I promised Heather pictures of the new mare. Here's one of her favorite boy, Ben, too. 
Hancocks Gaelic Fox. Her topline isn't really that funny looking, Ben is hiding behind her and you can just see a bit of him by her withers and neck. 
Hancocks Gaelic Fox and Benjamin Brown


Scott on Hancocks Gaelic Fox

Scott and Fox


  1. I LOVE Einstein! I keep telling myself that I'm going to get me some of those funky hat chickens....maybe this spring :)

  2. I love him, Carolyn. He has this goofy higher pitched crow. He's always trying to imitate The Captain, and never lets the older hens picking on him get him down. Watching that mop of feathers on his head while he's strutting around is hysterical. He isn't mean to the people or to the hens. Nice roo. I'd love to get some muffed and puffed chicks from him and the Easter Eggers.



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