Monday, February 24, 2014

One week in the Incubator, Traffic Jam in the nest boxes

Week one and we're still doing our thing. I took one Banty egg out already. When I candled it, I could see free floating bubbles in it. Ruptured air cell. I don't see any signs of life yet in any of the Banty eggs. I wonder if she's got such a fluffy feathered butt, and neither of the roosters are small enough to get the deed done.
I can clearly see a yoke, but I'm not seeing a darker spot in the yoke, or veins spreading out. I can see it on the other eggs though. The cream colored ones are lovely to look through. The greens and the olives are getting pretty had to see anything except for the air cell in the top. We're doing something right if they are still doing their little unborn chicken things in the eggs.

I had the day off yesterday. I was waiting for the majority of the girls to make the egg song and move out so I could get the chicken condo cleaned out. I decided to park my butt down and take a peek inside the nest boxes. There are two on each side of the bottom of the condo. In the side closest to my peeping tom act was a red hen and the grey easter egger. The white rock hen and the austra white were in the other side. 

One of the australorps decided she wasn't waiting for someone to finish and bullied Speckles out of her box. 

Poor Speckles wandered around inside for a minuet or so grumbling and then decided that the box with the white hen was the one to be used. She got right up in there with the other hen. Two minuets of shuffling and getting under the other hen, then she stood up, laid and egg, and walked out singing the egg song the whole way. 

The girls finally finished depositing their unborn children and I got the top and the bottom of the condo cleaned out and fresh shavings put in. Got the brooder box all cleaned out and fresh shavings in it as well. Still have 14 days to go, but I'm ready now. The weather was nice so I also went out to the garden and started turning over the piles of cow shit, and turning over the compost pile. My arms are sore today, but I so want it to be spring. 

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