Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Granny Squares, burning pastures, new land owners

I fell in love with crocheting a few years ago. I think my sister Jeana tried to teach me to either knit or crochet years ago before I left Arizona and I was a dismal failure at. I watched a few videos on you tube. Made some hats and a scarf or two. I made this blanket that I was immensely proud of. It was just a double crochet and the sides are a little uneven.


This year I found granny squares. I love them. I so love them. Then I found African Flower granny squares. I want to make a huge blanket. Huge enough to cover an old comforter I have. 

The second and fourth square from the left are African Flowers. Sooo pretty
I've been working on these on and off all winter. 40 some odd, 9 inch squares already and when I lay them all out on the bed I realize I am only about half way done-ish. Some squares still need another row around the outside to make them all the same size. Some are still hexagons that need to be squares. Some are rounds that need to be squares. I love the colors though.

In other super exciting new, we're buying the neighbor's property. They are moving back to Minnesota, which is super sad, but we're taking over the five acres next door, which is super yay.  We went down this morning and signed the buyers/sellers agreement. We set up to close April 1st. It's the same size at five acres as our place. There is an old little trailer house on it. The original homestead house for the surrounding area is still mostly standing over there. There is pastures already fenced and cross fenced.  A small pond is down at the back of one pasture. I still have to figure out the logistics of it all, but we're going to go down to Arizona and get my sister Heather, her son, and her horses and dogs, and rent it to her. Today we went over and started burning last year's old dead grass.

 I went over the other day and took a few vids for Mom and Heather

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