Sunday, May 17, 2015

And this is why they're called cottonwoods

We have a large stand of old cottonwood trees on the property in front of the house. It's like having our own little forest out there. I't beautiful in the late spring and all through the summer. I love going out there and just sitting under the trees and watching the chickens hunt and scratch around, or just listen to the birds. 


Well in May, when the weather turns warm enough for a few days, the trees start releasing mounds of fluffy white cottony stuff from the trees. The crap is everywhere! Leave a window down, and your truck is full of it. It gets in the house and multiplies with the dust bunnies into these mutant piles that creep out from under the couch and night and take over your floors. Just watching it float in the air is like watching it snow. 

This is the ground under the trees

I admit, I kinda like watching it float through the air. 

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