Saturday, April 16, 2016

Spring equals the start of free foods

Blossoms on the apricot tree next door 
Winter seemed to hold on longer this year than it did last year. Last year we had green green grass shooting up in the middle of February. That was really abnormally early for us. Every year though, I can count on April to be asparagus season. This stuff grows all over down the back roads where I live. These are actually growing in my backyard.

I have it growing out in the shoulder of the road at the end of the front pasture. I spend my drive home from work taking the back roads with one eye in the side mirror making sure someone isn't going to ass end me when I hit the brakes because I saw green shoots on the side of the road. We eat so much of this stuff this time of year. I pickle and can it too, but I have to hide it in the back of a cabinet or everyone in the house will devour it before it get's to being summertime. This year I'm thinking of dehydrating  a bunch to use in the fall for cream of asparagus soup. 

A friend of Scott's from work was getting ready to rip out a bunch of blackberries and wanted to know if we wanted the canes. Of course. Last year I spent lots of time out exploring and finding old blackberry brambles and making blackberry jam. 

I think I didn't realize how many plants we brought home until we started putting them in ground. Especially since I was the one digging the holes and I am woefully out of shape.

I gave some to my sister next door to plant. A few to friend down the street, and a few to one of the girls at work. I am so looking forwards to picking our own berries.

I planted them along the berm on the side of the garden.


They're already starting to grow little leafies which will be this years new canes.

And since I haven't put up a pic of Tansy in a while, gratuitous Cane Corso shots...



  1. I suspect that when someone asked if you wanted the blackberries canes it is because you have a reputation of being a good steward of the land, and finding treasures in someone else's castoffs. I hope to have that reputation someday, too.

  2. Fun! I love free food. I wish asparagus grew wild here in Florida. I just planted some this spring, but I have to wait until next year to harvest.

    Thank you for sharing on the Homestead Blog Hop.



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