Monday, December 13, 2010

Saturday was cold and icky. So after I got home from work I made bread. I love hot fresh bread. Three loaves. We usually manage to eat one whole loaf before it cools completely off. I had bought two hams and two turkeys before Thanksgiving day for my freezer. I made a ham a week ago. Yesterday I decided on the turkey. It wasn't bad. Wasn't great but it wasn't bad. We cut more logs for firewood. I should say Scott cut more logs, I helped load some in the back of the truck. Did laundry out the wazoo. Cleaned the kitchen since Liam was sick, and since I did for Liam, I did floors for Jesse. And had the turkey in the oven. Today was turkey soup. The soup was amazingly better than the roast turkey. With fresh bread slathered in butter... mmm.. Took the turkey carcass and tried to put it in one of my large stock pots. I didn't fit. I had to go out in the garage for the Huge assed pot. All the bones of the turkey, half of an onion just thrown in, three whole cloves of garlic, three carrots just snapped in half- skins still on, four celery stalks snapped in half, paprika, bay leaves, thyme, salt and pepper. Boiled till the bones started falling apart, about three hours.  Strained out the stock through a cheesecloth, added the other half an onion- chopped, three more carrots- chopped and peeled, three more stalks of celery- chopped, all the leafy bits from the inside of the celery- chopped, and most of the turkey I peeled off the carcass last night. I even made homemade egg noddles. I got sick of rolling them out, so they were rather dense. But damn it was good soup.Here's the difference in the size of the pots. lol

I also decided I would learn to crochet. I asked the MIL if she had a spare crochet hook while were over to turkey day. She sent me home with a needle, and some left over yarn. I've been making hats

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