Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Inflamed appendix?

I had to go in for another CT scan July 22nd. Seems I'm not healing like I should. I still shouldn't need this many painkillers. In the bathroom way too many times a day. Got the results back the 25th. Seems I have an inflamed appendix. The only thing though... They took out my appendix when they did my emergency surgery for my blockage. o.O WTF? Soooo, I had another Doc appt Aug 3rd. /sigh

So I went to the doc's. Pretty much went as I expected. I've dropped another six pounds. That makes 22 pounds since I was admitted in the hospital May 23. The good news is that I haven't been under 150 pounds in YEARS. The bad news is, it's because my intestines aren't responding to the medication. The "inflamed appendix," is just the resection site. It's still inflamed, and producing fluid. It's about a baseball size. The bad spot was where the two intestines come together and the appendix used to be. We're pretty sure I still have some infection. I left the hospital with the infection. I didn't think about it, but they kept taking my temp after the painkillers. Duh, fever reducers. After I got home, as they would wear off I'd get horribly chilled, ache in my back and hips, then after I took them an hour later I was so hot and all sweaty, ick. And... I might have picked up the C.Diff bug while I was in the hospital. Great... Prolly not, but yay me, I get to poop in a cup. Can you say Gross. I knew better, I so knew better than to think that once the "bad spot" in my intestines was gone, all the Crohns crap would go away. Something triggered the Crohns to go active after being in remission for ten years. It just attacked the weakest link, the place there was already swelling and a lot of old scar tissue. It's still triggered on, so I'm still having intestinal issues. I had more blood work done, I'm pretty damn anemic, and had a T.B. test done. I might need Remicade treatments. That's what kicked the Crohns in the donkey last time. I go to I.V. out patient once every 6 weeks for an infusion of medication. I'm on huge horse pill antibiotics to go with the pentasa I take two of, four times a day, three diff types of painkillers I take in different combination depending on the pain, the 6MP that's a anti leukemia drug that works wonders on Crohns. Good news, there isn't any prednisone in that mix. I hate that shit.

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