Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sometimes I don't have the brains God gave a goat

I made all the beautiful chicken stock. I got my outside freezer all cleaned out and plugged in and ready to go. I started moving stuff outside, and realized... I'm an idiot. I filled the quart jars FULL, and screwed the lids on all the way. I know things explode in the freezer when there is no where for the pressure to go. Did I remember that thought? Nope. One jar of chicken noodle soup, and two jars of chicken stock broke all the heck and back. They are sitting in my sink right now defrosting because I don't want them leaking all over inside my trash can, or the outside trash barrels for when Scott takes them to the dump. And did I manage to avoid cutting myself on a glass shard while I was cleaning out the sink? Nope. Stabbed my thumb on a triangle piece of glass. /sigh. In other news, the yogurt tastes fantastic, and I have another batch going in the crock pot. Made chilli today. It even tastes good. The first time I made it, Scott reminded me I can only experiment with one new recipe a week. This time he took some with him to work for lunch. Success!!

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