Thursday, November 17, 2011

Scott has been busy getting things ready for the winter. He build a box for the cats in one of the shelving units in the garage. Just need to add a small watt light bulb for heat. I've seen Girr, Shadow, and Bastard in it so far.

Scott moved the fence in the the dry lot. We're going to water and throw hay to Dave's horses on the back eight since he doesn't have water or power out there yet. Here's the fence line before Scott restrung the wire. The Tee posts went all the way back to the tree.

Standing in the front of the dry lot looking north

Scott made a jog to the right so we can make an "L" shape where our horses can get down to where the water through is under the fence so all the horses can use it. That was we only have to run one tank heater and one extension cord. 

Standing in the back of the dry lot looking east

Looking west and the end of the "L"

In the back 8 looking south at the east end of the "L"

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  1. Oh, how I hate fence building (or repair). Guess that's why DH is having to do it all the time as I weasel out if it most times.

    Nice kitty condo....seems like somebody's already at home! :)



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