Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I promise pictures tomorrow

My game finally came today!!!  SQUEE!! /happydance. I was out in the front yard tearing into the vaccuume. I sucked up so many danged pine needles from the xmas tree. I literally sweept up the carpet after I took everything off and set it out side. I got two Heaping dustpans completly, can't get anything more in, Full of needles before I went after it with the sucker. And... ever since then, the vaccuume doesn't want to suck very hard. I knew it needed cleaning out at any rate, but that requires going outside and tearing it all appart. I got the hoses all off, got all the needles, and small twigs out that were stuck inside. Teh Spawn likes to just run over the carpet in ftont of the wood stove without sweeping up all the peices of bark first, and they get lodged in the hoses. The pre filters and the filters were filled with super fine dust. Everything got a thorough cleaning.

While I was sitting out in the dead grass I saw a UPS truck slow down out at the end of the road. Excitement!! And then no. The turned into the enighbors drive. Excitement again as they backed out and turned around. Then no as it looked like they were stopping at Roger's across the street. Then THEY CAME DOWN MY DRIVEWAY!! Yay. They had my game. It's the collectors edition with all the goodies. The statue is already unpacked and sitting on my dresser with the rest of the Star Wars sillyness I already have. I was able to load into the game relatively easy since I'd already done whe down load previously, and had just a minor patch from the other day. Rick had saved my name for me, so he logged in, deleted the toon with the name Rhaige, and I got to play with the character creation page. There is never enough options for me. But she looks ok. I got into the guild in game. Everyone was excited to finally see me. I played here and there for a bit through the night, and I think I'm lv 5 when I logged out.

I started my worm bin today. I've been reading about vermicomposting for a while now. I have lots of paper products like used old phone books, junk mail. We make at least a pot of coffee a day, and I can use all the grounds and filters. And Leaves, do I have leaves out under the trees. We had an old plastic box that the kids were using in their forts. I just need to find the lid. So I put a carboard down in the bottom, added my leaves, a few chunks of horse poo, shreded paper, coffee grounds that I've been saving, the top to the jack o lantern from the compost pile, and a old orange that was going flat in the fridge. Leave it set damp for a week, and then add the worms. Only I don't have worms, nor have I ordered them. Red wrigglers are what they sell for bair right? We're gonna try a few. If not, I will order a pound of worms with my next check. My flower bed is going to love me. DH protested, loudly about having worms in his kitchen. He's worried about the smell. So the bin is in the laundry room, and if it become a problem, I'll move it out to the garage.

I spent the rest of the day looking at goats for sale online, and working on my blanket. I AM going to finish it. It will be the first big project I finish. I did scraves and hats lastyear. I started about a billion granny squares, and promptly lost where I left the bag before I got to put them together.


  1. Glad you got your game. I love Steam though I can't reprint some of the colorful language I used when it first came out. I'm trying to ween my Dad from "Farmville" and get him playing real games again! Quests, explosions and rocket launchers with chainsaws as melee weapons. LOL
    I hope you don't mind I added you to my blogroll. Homesteading Neophyte is a Deathmetal homesteader and I think you may like her.
    Grind away on your MMO and when you think about it prepping is a lot like grinding. You do a hell of a lot of boring work and then you are at level 40 and then go back to work to reach level 70.....All so you can kill or be killed by bigger and nastier monsters/bosses.

  2. Thx for adding me. I clicked the follow button on yours. Once a month I go in ad update my blog roll since I'm always finding someone interesting on the net.Farmville is the devil. Get himto a Real game. lol.



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