Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday mornings are my favorite
I'm addicted to Mare Stare. Every night I load up my computer, go to this site, hit the message boards and read up on all the pregnant mares. I open up to 12 windows with webcams right in their stalls and watch with a hawk eye for every twitch, every lifted tail, and every kick to the belly. Is this it? Is she ready? I join the other wackies like me in the chat room, and we gossip about life and, "Oh man, Mai just layed down, did you see Fanny glare at here belly?" And every now and then I get to feel like I'm right there in the stall with the mare and the owners while she delivers her foal. We all wait with our breath held for the owner to hold up the, "It's a filly", or the "It's a colt," sign. And then we all cheer when that little one takes it's first wobbly attempt at standing. I'm hopelessly addicted.

Sunday morning are my favorite day of the week. Especially Sunday morning when Scotty has worked the night before. He gets home between 7:30 and 8:00 am. I see his headlight shine over the bedroom window. Hear his truck door shut, and bless his heart, his boots clumping up and down the hall as he comes in the house, and pulls on his Carharts so I don't have to go outside and feed, and water the horses. Out he thumps to throw hay to our horses, and to Dave's out back. The water trough the horse share gets filled, the hose unhooked and thrown over a tree limb to be drained so it doesn't freeze, and I'm still in my warm bed dozing on and off till chores are done.

I don't have to get up for work. Teh Spawn doesn't have to be up early anywhere. And I have a wonderful husband who does the morning chores so I can laze around. He comes in and builds the fire back up in the wood stove or splits kindling to start a new one if I let it go out over night. The cats are fed, the dogs and cats have water. He's taken care of the bunnies I have waiting to get butchered today. Then I can get up at my leisure to putter around. We works again tonight, so he's gone to bed for the day.

The house is quiet. The dogs have gone out and established they aren't scared of the neighbors dogs by barking furiously through the field fence before coming back to the porch, peeing on everything the can find on the way. Teh Spawn is still asleep in her bed, hopefully for another hour or so before she want the computer from me. I have a nice big cup of coffee as I view trough everyone's blogs I follow, and compose any thoughts I have for mine. Sunday mornings are perfect.

My blanket is finally finished. I'll have to get a pic of it all done, but Teh Spawn promptly appropriated it for her bed before I had a chance to even cut the loose ends of string from it. My Mom and sisters did see it from Arizona and Arkansas from the blog. I now have two orders for more.  :)  Heather wants one for her son Mark. He's little still, so I don't have make it quite as big. Amye wants one for her bed. Our Mommom used to make them for us kids, and for the first few grand kids before she passed away. I still have the one she made for Teh Spawn, complete with a cigaret burn and all. So I guess the job is mine now. I already have a color scheme in mind for Mark's blanket. I have some cream, a changing blue/brown/tan/cream, and a light grey fleck left over from various odds and ends I played with last year. For Amye I told her to pick some colors and send me some yarn. I now have to remember how many rolls it took me though to do mine. If need be she can send me the colors she wants to get me started and I can go from there.

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