Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The "No Poo" experiment

I read a little about not using shampoo being healthier for you hair. Here is some info I found quickly on the internet.
And here is my experiment so far...

So I've been reading about not using shampoo and using baking soda instead, on the majik interwebs... I thought I'd give it a try. I didn't read up on it, I just read that a few gals were doing it, and loved the results.

Day one: I hate it. I think I did something wrong. My hair feels awful as I rinsed it out. I thought for sure it was going to be this nasty greasy mess when it dried. I didn't read how much baking soda to water, if they added anything, rinsed with anything. I just know that my hair feels gross. It feels like I'd been swimming in sea water, or a public pool with way too many chemicals, let my hair dry while on a jet ski, and didn't rinse or brush it out. I couldn't get a brush through it. I also decided to try this the very first day of the work week. I just manhandled it enough to get it into a bun and ignore the bumps sticking out.

 Day two: Today I used the baking soda like a paste. I added about two tablespoonfuls of baking soda, and dribbled just enough water to make a paste. I scrubbed this into the front and sides of my scalp at the hair line, then dribbled the rest out of the cup and worked it into my hair. I feel like my hair is still coated in baking soda after it dries. Then brush will not go through smoothly, it wants to snarl and tangle. This can't be right.

 I looked up the No Poo method briefly, when I got home from work today. Prolly would have been better if I did this before I started. Lots of people have the problem I'm going through. Straw feeling hair, not smooth... I'm stripping out all the shampoo residue that makes the hair "feel" smooth, but is really wrecking my hair. The baking soda method will eventually let the natural oils in my scalp even out, and my hair will be nice... In theory anyhow.

I had to take another shower when I got home today. I shaved an Australian Shepherd today, and it's hair made me feel like I was covered in fiberglass. And so I baking soda-ed my head again. I read where some people were using a light bit of olive oil on the ends of their hair. Well I have canola oil...

 Day three: More research on the baking soda last night. It shouldn't be a paste. Too much will irritate my scalp. I shouldn't be doing it ever day. Just rise my hair with water as I'm in the shower. So of course I had to wash my hair again this morning because of the canola oil I put in it last night. Can you say dried out, gooey sticky mess. I also didn't get a smaller container to put the mixture in, so I have paste in a cup still. Rinsing with Apple cider vinegar will help seal the cuticle of the hair and make it healthier and feel better. I need to get that. I did cheat this morning and rubbed a very small amount of regular shampoo into my hair before the paste, and a tiny bit of regular conditioner into just the ends of my hair. I didn't leave it wrapped up in a towel as it dried. We'll see.

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  1. I've tried no shampoo, homemade shampoo bars, baking soda, vinegar, you name it. And I end up ripping out so much of my hair TRYING to get a brush through it that I figured it's worse on my hair than the "evil" storebought shampoo. I still use shampoo, although sparingly. I also try to only shampoo my hair three times a week.



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