Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Week late

I was supposed to write this last week, but I forgot. Sunday last week Apache got his feet trimmed. Patches got hers done Monday. All the horses got wormed Sunday last week.

Took the boys out for a ride last night. It was great. Ben didn't fight and act like a butt head. Apache didn't take a lame step. One good thing with all the smoke in the air from the more than 40 fires burning in Idaho right now, is it doesn't let the sun bake down over everything, and last night was not too hot. 78 when we headed out, and 68 when we got home.

My bosses at work made my day this week. Earlier in the year they gave me a pressure canner in exchange for grooming their dogs a few times for free. This week they brought me all their old jars. There were even a few new boxes of lids and rings. Score!

The garden is in full swing. I'm getting so many veggies every day I almost don't know what to do with it all. The first ear of corn was ready and I ate the whole thing raw.

The dairy down the road has been kind enough to let me come over and get their waste milk after they are done feeding calves. The pigs love it and so do the chickens. I leave the bucket sit all day and into the next in the garage, and wait for the milk to get chunky. I have a little pan for the chickens outside the pig pen, and they wait for the pigs to scatter their feed close enough for them to reach through the panels and eat. 

And some random pics that were laying around in my inbox from my phone from this year.

My first eggs from my chickens

 The waterer that Scotty made for the piggies. 
 Back when they were smaller

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