Sunday, August 26, 2012

My house smells like corn and pickles

Today was a long busy day. Went out this morning and spent a bunch of time in the garden gathering veggies and checking the ears of corn and picking the ones that were ready to go. Some of the corn I picked out was ready to go before the stuff Scott picked, but I think his is prettier, bigger, and more uniform. All told I ended up with 52 ears that were ready. I filled a whole garbage sack full of corn husk and silk. The pigs, chickens and horses were so happy to see it. Piggies got the majority of it. All morning and most of the afternoon I spent blanching it five ears at a time, cooling it, and either vacuum sealing three ears at a time, or cutting the kernels off the cob and bagging it to seal after it was frozen. I'm officially out of room in my freezer. Breakfast for Scott and dinner for me was sauteed corn mixed into scrambled eggs with cheese. YummiE with a capitol E.

I decided to try my hand at pickles today. I had all the ingredients to make my brine juice, but I'd also bought one of those already packaged kits for pickles. I ended up using both and still had four pint jars left over sitting on salted water in my fridge. This is really the first time I'm caning more than the three jars of apricot jelly I made last year. I did the pints in my regular sized stock pot. I really didn't have the recommended 2 inches of water over the top of the jars without everything boiling over, but do you have any idea how long it takes for the gigantic pot I have the quarts in to heat up to a boil? The pints are done and the big pot Still is heating up. Oh, it's making all the noises that you'd think says I'm boiling, but alas, it's still not yet. And oh man, what a mess I made. Water on the floor from moving the corn from the pot to the sink. Cats trying to trip me as the clamor for attention. Dogs under foot cleaning up the corn kernels that seemed to leap off the cutting board and go everywhere but into the bags.

I've been running the dehydrator almost non-stop for days. Put in another tray and a bit of cherry tomatoes. Already have a whole quart jar and a start on another one of yellow squash.

I've been doing laundry and laundry and more laundry. I wanted to get all the towels, sheets and blankets on all the beds washed and changed before I go in for surgery.  I couldn't find any towels except for the ones in my dirty laundry and I know I had a Lot more. I was also just knew there was a second set of blue sheets for Teh Spawn's bed and another one for The Boy's. After a little searching I found all of it... In the Boy's closet! Fifteen towels, and three sets of sheet, top and bottom. I've been doing laundry for three days trying to not overload my septic and still keep up on Scott and my clothes. I finished the last of the towels and sheet and a blanket today. I still have three more comforters to go. 

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