Friday, December 25, 2009

If I had to make it as a painter I'd starve to death

We did an amazing job, but I think I hate painting. The first day I cut my finger with a razor knife. I was trying to cut paper on a tape roll. I tried to use some masking tape but it bled all over. Had to have Jess come out to the car with me to clean it up and wrap it tight with some bandaids so I wouldn't bleed in the house. lol. I wore all the skin off my fingers wiping caulk. We spackled nail holes, and sanded the hell out of everything. Every single peice of exposed wood, peice of trim, shelf. What a pain in the ass. Everything had to be taped off to be primered. Then we taped it off again to paint the walls. And again to paint the trim. And again to do the ceilings. So much work to get everything ready for paint, 45 mins to spray, and pull the paper and tape off. UGH!!

 Jesse wanted her room to be green. It really was a nice, light, pretty green on the little 2x3 card on the color chart. On the wall it gets alot darker. OMG, when the light is on in her room, the glow coming out the door, down the hall looks radioactive.

We had a few people Scott knew come over while we were working on the house and set T posts so we could move the horses up by the house. We've been stretching hose from Andrea's to water the horses, and still breaking ice off the water trough. Serious pain in the butt. The well is dug, the pump is set up in the house in the control room under the stairs. Water should be turned on tomorrow. Then we can move the water trough up by the house, use our own water and hose, and run an extention cord for the tank de-icer. No more breaking ice. He's the view from the bonus room.

They have most of the lights wired in the house, and they all work. The flooring is started, all up the hall, in the livingroom, bathrooms, and most of it in the kitchen and dining room. It looks amazing. Not much left to finish up. Carpets, sinks...

You'd think I would have seen something like this in Arkansas

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