Friday, December 4, 2009

New updates

Somehow my camera ate the pics I've been taking the last couple of days. So here are some crappy ones from my phone. We have most of the siding up, the insulation is all in the house. We have drywall and the taping started. Idaho Power has been out starting to set up the poles. The well guy was out today and started drilling the well. It is moving so fast, it's really amazing. Took the ponehs out for a ride today, just Scott, Liam and I. Just bareback, walk/trot a little. It was cold. lol.

Bonus room before drywall

Garage pre drywall

Before siding

Giant pile of rocks they had to dig out from underground before they could level out in front of the driveway. We have another one on the side of the house where they are clearing out for the powerlines to run underground from the road.

Drilling the well

Western Linebuilders trucks and a power pole

Siding is going up

Another veiw from the side

From the front. Concrete slab in front of the garage is poured amd so is the walkway to the front door.

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