Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's all coming together

Idaho Power connected the cables, we have Power!!!! Scott, Mike, and I spent all day out there today taping, spackling, sanding. I taped all the back side of the all the closets, above and below all the shelves. I think it was because I wasthe shortest one, and could fit under the bottom shelf. Some of the frames around the doors already have the trim up and needed to be taped off. I was doing fine untill Scott stole my step ladder. I had to let Mike finish the tops. I couldn't reach them. All the wood surfaces, shelves, door casings, got an oil based primer today. Tomorrow we rip off the tape and paper, finish taping plastic over all the windows, and start with the regular primer. Scott ordered and picked up the wall and celing colors.
                                                      Yay Power!!

Siding is still needing to be finished

Bonus room

Texture is done on the walls and getting ready for paint

The view from my back porch

Hillbilly look

Kids eating thier first dinner in the new house

Prepping doors

Spraying closets

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