Tuesday, January 4, 2011

All the damned tests came back FINE!!!!! No sleep apnea, no high levels of adrenaline in my urine. Thyroid is fine, all the blood work is perfectly normal. EKG was perfect, just too fast. Size, shape, function of the heart was perfect, just fast. No growths on the adrenal glands, both the same perfect size. Only I got the flu AGAIN for the fifth time in three months the day after xmas. No cough, no sore throat, no head cold. Just a high fever, uncontrollable shivering because I was freezing, and I hurt everywhere. And this time the gastric system decided to get involved. So my heart is fine, something else in my body is going haywire and causing it to beat too fast.Now they want to test me for cancer.............  /blank stare

I get the flushing. Sometimes I feel really hot, just in my chest, upper arms and face. I feel like a sunburn.

I have the gastric issues. Only a GI doc told me a few years ago, he didn't believe I had crohns disease. It doesn't go into remission for as many years as mine had.

I don't feel like I have asthsma, or difficulty breathing, I just fell alot like there isn't enough oxygen in the air I'm taking in. No matter how much or fast I breath, there just isn't enough oxy. And did I mention they put me on Singular, an asthma medication last month. I don't have asthma.

And I have the effing rapid heart rate. Enough that on this second medication, he wants to up the dose.

Carcinoid syndrome 

The signs and symptoms of carcinoid syndrome depend on which chemicals your carcinoid tumor secretes into your bloodstream. They may be triggered by alcohol, stress and heavy exercise. The most common signs and symptoms of carcinoid syndrome include:

    * Skin flushing. The skin on your face and upper chest feels hot and changes color — ranging from pink to red to purple. Flushing episodes may last from 30 seconds to 30 minutes or longer. Flushing may happen for no obvious reason, though sometimes it can be triggered by eating food or drinking alcohol.
    * Facial skin lesions. Purplish areas of spider-like veins may appear on the noses and upper lips of people who've had carcinoid syndrome for many years.
    * Diarrhea. Frequent, watery stools accompanied by painful abdominal cramps may signal carcinoid syndrome.
    * Difficulty breathing. Asthma-like signs and symptoms, such as wheezing and shortness of breath, may occur at the same time you experience skin flushing.
    * Rapid heartbeat. Periods of fast heart rate could be a sign of carcinoid syndrome.

Keep in mind that many of these signs and symptoms are more likely the result of a condition other than carcinoid syndrome. Experiencing these symptoms doesn't necessarily mean you have a carcinoid tumor.


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