Wednesday, May 23, 2012


That's the number of page views I hit today. I never expected to hit 1000. I just set this thing together as a place for my family to watch the house I was building as they all live in different states, and maybe a few pics of the kids and the horses. Only 10 followers, but I still can't get the fam damily to register and follow officially.

Bacon, the calf, had some nasty diarrhea but has gotten over that, and learned to drink from a bucket instead of a bottle. That makes Andrea very happy. The calves are separated into two pens now. They are both little boys and the urge to suckle is so strong still that they'll start on each others dangly bits. They are still side by side, and I think keeping them together just at first helped Bacon learn to drink from the bucket.

Went out and saw the piggies Monday evening. Pete's been great hanging onto them for us even though they are ready to go. He's even going to worm them for us this week, no extra charge. One is a bit bigger than the other, being three weeks older. Pete said he had a white and a red. The red is more a dark reddish brown with a white band over it's shoulders. The white he actually calls the rainbow pig. It's got a reddish blond head, blond over it's butt and blue spots randomly. Of course I forgot to take a camera with me, but this time next week, they should be here.

The garden hasn't all died, which amazes me.  I managed to kill off everything I had started in the kitchen. I forget the plant-lings outside over night and they froze. Two years in a row and I've killed off everything I had started. Last year really wasn't my fault, since I was so busy in the hospital trying not to die. So I cheated. I went to D and B and bought started plants. I have three different types of maters. Banana peppers, and jalapenos. I think I might have tome bells in there too, but I'll have to look. I have eggplants, I did put in a few eggplant seeds. Nothing up yet though. I have two types of cucumber, and a few seeds in. I have squash in butternut, and yellows. I have cauliflower, and broccoli, and in classic Jax fashion, I mixed up the 4pks as I put them in, and have them both mixed in the same row, and no way to tell which is which till they get bigger. I put in tiny onions back when I killed the kitchen starts. I didn't expect to see them come up. I also put in radish seeds. The onions are about four inches tall now. I forgot about the radishes and put the peppers in that same row. Imagine my surprise when three weeks later up come the radishes in between the peppers.

The irrigation water is still turned up all the way open at the head gate, so we're flooding everything everywhere. Andrea and Dave are flooding both the ponds, and up over the road. I've made a pond in the short pasture that instead of just seeping out onto the driveway, has gone all the way over into the dry lot. I've flooded through the trees till I don't know where to put all the water. I've never seen that much water in the back pasture at Rebecca's. And Sue's pond behind us is flooding my garden. I finally start getting something to grow, and the back of the garden is under water. Thankfully I didn't put anything in the last four rows in the back yet. I had to get out there today in the DRIVING wind that is endless in Idaho, and wheelbarrow dirt to make a small berm to keep my plants from flooding.

Saturday afternoon, after working an amazing amount of hours, for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to work Patches after I got home. I think I was so tired I wasn't thinking clearly. The only good thing that came out of it, is I got her feet trimmed, and remembered to worm her.

I never did get going on the worm composting. I have the box all set up, and all the goodies rotting away in it, outside on the back porch. Alas, I never did order the worms. There is still hope though.

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