Monday, May 14, 2012

What's new at Everstuff Ranch?

Summer shave down season is here, so work has been crazy busy. I went from grooming like 4-6 dogs on a good day, and maybe 6-8 on Saturdays, to 6-8 a day and 10-12 on Saturdays. Add that to all the stuffs that need to be done around the house, and make for me being a tired unit. We got a Jersey, bull calf from the dairy down the road. It's over at the neighbors. She'll raise up the two calves, and I'll raise up the two pigs. We got the nod from Pete that they are ready to go, just need to finish the pen.

 I went out Sunday and put in the temporary poles and fence out in the pasture. We're going to try giving the horses a smaller area to eat at a time, and make them eat it all down before moving on to the next place. Had to walk the whole fence line to figure out why we were getting a drop in power. Of course after walking the whole perimeter, I find the wire touching a tee post where there is a missing bracket. Didn't find it when I first started walking in knee high grass. 

Today was start the garden day after work. I got in ll the plants what were already plants, and got them all watered in nice. Three different tomatoes, two peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumbers, melons, strawberries, eggplants. Tomorrow will be everything that has o start from seed. Pees, carrots, more cucumber, radish, lettuce.

This is Bacon, the calf. The pig with be named Tasty. Then I'll have Tasty Bacon, and Eggs with the chickens.

This is where the nest boxes with go for the chickens

Building the shelter end of the piggy pen

Got the rabbit hutch moved to the back of the house. Now it needs a good cleaning out and some rabbits. 

 Some random photos
Jess watching Scotty solder some wires onto clips, trying to fix the solar charger. It's dead btw.

Mike over next door

Andrea bought a horse trailer. We let her use Engine 9 and we get to use the trailer. Winning!

Mike with Lance working on Will's 4wheeler

 Ponies in the grass

Bastard cat is nosey

Will came over a few weeks ago and had Scott help him weld a bracket back on for the shock on his truck

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