Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Am I the only one who likes pulling weeds?

 I think I'm the only person I know who likes pulling weeds. I don't like the fact that there are weeds in my garden. I don't like being bent over or crouched down for eighty feet at a time. My back hurts and my knees creak when I stand up. I don't think there is a square inch out there that doesn't have something growing that shouldn't be there. But then there is that little sound the roots make as they let go is what does it for me. That little snap, and then the whole plant, root and all at there between your fingers. That's what I like about weeding. Pinching the little leaves in my fingers, or having to dig under the plant just a little bit, and then... SNAP. No more weed.Toss it in my little bucket, move forwards a little, and repeat. It just makes me happy. I can go out and pull for a while, go do something else, and back out there again, snick, snick, snick.

I have all kinds of stuff coming up in my garden. Stuffs that I put in as seeds are poking their little leaves out of the dirt to say hello. I'm amazed. After all the trouble I went to to start plants inside this year and last, and to have them all die, to see things starting to poke out that I put in the ground as seeds amazes me. I put in cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, cantaloupe, squashes, and strawberries as plants I got from the garden center. I also set out seeds of everything but the tomatoes, and added peas, carrots, radishes, and corn. There is little plants coming up where I set the seeds. This makes me do a little happy dance in my seat.

Little bitty corn plants coming up

I forgot I planted radishes and finally gave up on them and planted peppers. Well here come the radish

  I added three blueberry bushes at the back of the garden

 Sugar snap peas

 View of the garden

So the calf is next door. Piggies still on the way, but now I have chickens. Six hens and a rooster. Andrea took the other three hens. I already have gotten eggs from them and they've only been here since Sunday. It's a friend of my neighbor that had them and he gave us a heck of a deal on them $5 each for last years babies. So they are just over a year old. The rooster had something funky going on with his legs and walks a little weird, but he was free so I don't care. We were told they are New Jersey Black Giants. They don't seem to be any bigger than the hens Andrea already has, but I read they don't finish growing out till around 18-24 months. They lay brown eggs. I've gotten a very pale almost white, some regular browns, and a brown with dark speckles. I'm very excited to go out every afternoon and find eggs that my own chickens have left for me. They are still living in the rabbit hutch. Scotty has to finish the outside nest boxes still on my chicken condo.

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