Thursday, June 5, 2014

Adding to the homestead

I've made two mortgage payments on it, I have homeowner's insurance on it. I turned on the electricity, and the kids next door are gone. It's all ours. Five acres to add to our five acres, fenced, cross-fenced, a pond. There is a ton of work to be done over there. Heather will be here in two weeks with her kid, horses, dog, and all her crap.

The big tree in the center is an apricot tree. The last two years the weather has been rotten and it didn't produce an fruit. I was over there yesterday and there are little bitty green apricots starting.

These are plums. New plum tree sprouts and shooting up in the grass. There is little green fruit on these as well. 

There is a huge old lilac growing up against the the trailer.  

The grass is almost ready for Norman out by the pond

My house from the new property.

Norman has been loving all that green grass. It had gotten way to long to mow, so we made Norman the mower/fertilizer. 

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  1. Not many people can have a name for their grass



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