Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Blog-a-Day Fail

I failed the June Blog-a-Day challenge. I had a good reason for it though. Right in the danged middle of it we moved my sister from Arizona, to up here in Idaho. Between the move, the unpacking, and summer shave down season kicking into high gear at work, I just didn't blog. The trip to move Heather couldn't ever be called anything other that memorable. Scotty and I drove down to Nevada and met our friend Honey and her friend Lisa, in Ely. We drove both trucks down to Phoenix. Her with her horse trailer, and us with the flat bed trailer, stopping in Vegas to pick up Jesse. 

Leaving Gooding Idaho

In the front yard at Moms in Phoenix,Az

Loading the arena to bring it back with us

Jesse escaping the heat
Loading horses
Getting ready to leave Phoenix

Heather, Scott, Mark and Me
Hot damn, we made it
The old barn that needs to come down

Me looking all hillbilly and crap, standing in the rain in my Star Wars jammie pants, and dairy muck boots
Tired ponies in the round pen after a long drive
Heather's horses out on her pasture
We took Mom, Karl, Heather, Jess, and Mark down to Shoshone Falls.

Mark, Me, Mom, Heather

Me and Heather
Jess and Mark
Me and Mark

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