Monday, July 28, 2014

Dream came true

When I was thirteen we got our first horse. She was an old appy mare and us kids rode her all over the desert and back. I always wanted to be able to camp out with my horse. I made plan after plan with my friends in high school to ride towards New River, have them meet me half way and camp out in the desert overnight.

We'd sit under the Ramada at lunch and make plans and lists. Who had horses, who could bring what, who needed extra gear, and who could bring extra gear. We had great plans, but we never did go.
I've been on lots of camping trips. As soon as I had friends old enough to drive I started camping. Never with the horses though unless you count the one night I got in a fight with my mom and took off bareback on that old appy mare. I spent the night sleeping fitfully on the ground with one of her reins tied around my ankle.

Scotty has been telling me about all the beautiful places in Idaho He wanted to take me to. He used to hike and backpack all over the mmountains. There was so many places we could take the horses camping, get a little fishing in. We've been talking about it for five years. Our friends made a bunch of trips but it seemed like every time they went I was in the hospital, Scott was working, I was working, or we didn't have any vacation days left.

Mom and Karl were just up here last month to bring Heather and her horses, they left Mom's two horse trailer out here for Heather and us to use. This weekend we finially got to do together what we've been dreaming of for five years. Camping with the horses.

We didn't have to go very far from home. Just up behind Fairfield which is only about thirty miles from home. There were pens for the horses, a hand pump for water, a potty, and a camping spot right up against the creek complete with a fire pit to grill dinner.

Now on to the pictures.

Ben and Foxy in the corrals
Scott making breakfast, steak and eggs




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