Thursday, November 12, 2009

Saddles, and hay, and trusses, oh my

So I've missed a few days. So much has gone on. The big tree in the pasture had to come down. The horses had ate the heck out of the bark anyhow, but Idaho Power said it was going to be in the way.
Hauled all the branches off to the dump, and cut up all the usable wood to burn in the fireplace once it sits and seasons for a year. Youcan see in the backround the walls going up on the house. They poured the cement slab for the garage and have been hauling ass ever since.

Yesterday the trusses started rolling

Garage with the bonus room over head

Out back digging the septic

Tuesday evening we got 4 tonof hay delivered. Grass alfalfa mix. We brought it out and stacked it up and everything. Well it was on a squeeze truck, so it was already stacked, but yay, we didn't have to haul it.

Scott got one of the nicest saddles I've seen in a while. It's a Billy Cook Wade Tree. It's beautiful. He went down to the little saddle and boot place there in Jerome by where we work. I groomed their dogs just a couple of weeks back. He called me and wanted it. I just wondered why he didn't already have it bought.

The palamino is gonna be mine!!!!!!!!!

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