Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's official, there's a port a potty

So that means there must be guys there working and needing it right? They are and they do. We have gravel all down the road. And it's all spread out now. The foundation is dug, the footings are poured. The stem walls were being done on Mon when I went out there. I snapped a few shots while the cement truck was still out there. Today they are supposed to be pouring cement for the garage and the front of the drive.

Over the last weekend I spent the weekend in Boise with Scott's family. Got to meet his brother and had a great time. We drove all over the place looking for this one saddle shop. I was bound and detirmined I was getting my saddle while we were in Boisie. Even to the point of feeling a tempet tantrum coming on when things didn't appear to be going my way. Finally pulled out a phone book, called the tck places in the area and nearby towns, and eneded up back way out in Middleton where we got lost in the first placelooking for the first tack shop we went to go look out. Too bad we hadn't been smart in the first place, and could have cut out a ton of driving. But I like wandering around looking at the countryside. We ended up at the Flying W. He had two used Aussie saddles. One was kinda cheaply made, missing a stirrup and leather. The other was $900. I could see any part of me spening that kind of money on a saddle. Especially when the horse only was $500. But... The owner said it was the weekend for making  deals. It already had a breastcollar, and brushguard trail sturrips. He came down to $800. The saddle was on consignment and he knew the lady who brought it out wasn;t going to go any further down from that. So we got it home, and I looked it up online. It's a custom Syd Hill Suprema Bushmaster Poley. The start somewhere around $2500. I knew it was a really good deal on a really good used saddle, but I didn't know how good.

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