Friday, November 13, 2009


Went riding today. On my new Palamino Paint Gelding, Spook!!!! What a dream he is. I've ridden him before and fell in love. He belonged to our friend Kurt. Well Kurt has a friend who has a red dun mare that looks identical to Kurt's Two Bit. Kurt's whole everything lights up when he talks about her. Scott had told me about her a few days ago. I've recently been having a thing for red duns. Even more so since Kurt got Two Bit. I was really interested in this one Dirk has. But Scott told me how much Kurt talks about her. Well he already had Spook who was a great horse. Go all day kinda guy. And Two Bit is a serious powerhouse. No way was Kurt going to be able to ride enough to keep three powerhouses in training. So we went out two nights ago to talk to Kurt. Was he Really wanting this dun mare? If not, I thought I might want her. But she's only three, and just being started. Did I want to have to deal with another horse I was really going to have to work with? I knew Dirk would put an amazing start on her, but still... So we talked to Kurt and I could tell he's in love, so I asked him if he'd want to part with Spook. Then he'd have the money to buy this red dun. We both win out. And he agreed!! Spook is a nine year old, palamino, paint gelding.He's been everywhere and seen everything. Side passes if I can learn how to make him do it. I already have him stepping over on the trail off my leg. Moves cows all day. Packs and he's been hunting. Some hunters where out after ducks where we went for a ride today. The first shot he just twitched. The second two here close to us and he flinched. Just flinched and kept on going. The third time he didn't even twitch an ear. He has the most wonderful, slow, easy lope. And he can keep it up all day. And even better, the new aussie saddle I bought, I worried might be a little narrow for him, fit him just fine. Kurt rode Roxy today, and she did fantastic. She's his wife's coming 4 year old curly. She needs to fill out more still, and he's put off really riding her due to that. She stayed in a nice little lope next to Spook, no problems. Didn't flip out and loose her mind even a little when the guns went off. Scott took Patches. He's coming along so nicely with her. Doesn't let her pull any crap. He's doing so good at staying out of her mouth, and woking more with her  moving off his feet and legs. His new saddle looks amazing on her.
Creaky as all get out, but that will go away the more he rides it. They look so good together. She didn't seem to mind the hunters either. We just had her feet and Benjamins feet done yesterday, so she was a little tender. He took Alot off her toes. But all in all we had a great ride.
                                            Me n Spook

Kurt n Roxy

Honey Jo n Brownie

Andrea n Sota, Scott n Patches

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