Monday, November 16, 2009

Nov 16th

The house is coming along so fast. They were just finishing up sheeting the last of the outside with plywood while I was out there today. No pics, cause It doesn't look too much different now Just the top is finished now. All the plywood is on the roof. Inside the windows aren't cut out yet, and it was too dark with my camera phone to get anything seeable. The septic tank is dug and set. They are going to do the leach field in the next couple days. We're waiting on Idaho Power and the well guy still. Idaho Power is gonna take their sweet assed time now that they have our money. The well guy I can understand the delay. That tractor with the drill on it only gets about two miles to the gallon. So he's trying to set it up to go in a big circle around the surounding countryside with everyone who needs a well done, or work done on an exsisting well. Scott wants them to dig a trench from the well out to the front pasture so we can run a water line later. I asked if we could put an electric line in with it for an electric water heater for the water troughs. I don't really fancy getting up early every morning to drive out before work and break ice. Gonna have to for a while untill the property has electric through. I did go out and see Spook today. We went riding again yesterday. Me, Scott, Kurt, Liam, Tim and his daughter went. Tim's been bringing Cream Puff over to Kurt's to round pen. I see a difference even if Tim doesn't. Ben got his first lesson as well. Don't think he's ever had to do it before. It took forever to get him to figure out to turn to the inside and bring his head around to us instead of swinging his ass around when he turns. Butts never get to to turn to the people. Scott made huge headway with Patches. She's following around people now. When I went out to dink with the horses today she actually followed me around. I was impressed. We have her in a smaller pen in the pasture. It's portable electric like you take camping. Two and a half acres is just too much room to chase her till she gets tired of running. Today I walked up slow and she let me. She's been avoiding being touched like we have the plauge. I rubbed on her, scratched some itchey places, and then walked around a little, and she followed me all over the place. Even took pics on my phone to send to Scott with her all up in my business.


This is his dad, Cowboy Spook

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