Friday, December 16, 2011

Am I stuck up for wanting pretty goats?

I finally got the hubby talked into letting me have a goat. That sounds a little scheming, but it's not like that. He just knows I really really want to get into goats again, and has come around on the the idea of the project. I want big goats. Big dairy goats. Big floppy eared, roman nosed, Nubian goats. They are all beautiful, and I know I should be looking at function over style, but I want a pretty one. Just hitting Google images, I found these.

I don't want just a solid black, or just all brown. I want one with some color. Am I wrong? I won't be getting one anytime soon, so I have some time to look around. I plan on this spring. I need to set up a shelter and an enclosure. I don't want to have to be milking a goat through the winter, getting used to her, her getting used to a new place. I haven't told Hubby yet, I might have to take over a corner of the garage to set up a milking stand. And I'm slowly getting him used to the idea, that goats do better with friends than alone. I was asked the other day, "Realistically, how many goats do you plan on having on the property at any given time?" My answer was three. Of course that doesn't count babies.

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  1. Nothing wrong with wanting flashy goats! We have Saanens and although I love them, they are BORING looking!



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