Friday, December 30, 2011

The gamer geek is restless.

So the other side of me, the side that isn't dreaming of chicken coops, and canning stuff out of my very own garden, thinks all day long about Star Wars. The new Star Wars game out by Bioware.

Me and a bunch of my geek friends from SWG
I knew I was eventually getting the game. Prolly not till after the first of the year. DH surprised me with the Collector's Edition Xmas morning. Rather he surprised me with an envelope with a printout of the copy of the order for it at Best Buy. YAY /happyDance. Then I realized I have to wait for it to ship. I live at least 45 mins from town, out in the boonies. Still.... I should have called and told them to cancel the shipping, and driven all the way to Twin falls and back to pick it up. On the print out it says it should be here between 12-29, and 1-3-12. I had three perfectly good days off in a row over xmas. Couldn't play. I started to Down load the game from the ToR site, cause I know with updates, it's gonna take me three -four days to download it all. Yesterday morning it's finally finished. I'm upstairs trolling the interwebs, and the door bell rings. My heart speeds up and I have a silly grin on my face. Never mind that I'm in a thermal shirt, no bra, and star wars jammie pants, I throw open the door to the see the mail lady... And in her hands is not my game. /sadFace. It's books DH ordered from CSI for some ongoing education for work. Did I mention I'm off all day yesterday, and Dh had to work last night, so I could have had the computer all night too? ARGH. It wasn't here when I got home today either. I am going through some serious withdraws. I played Star Wars Galaxies for many many years. I was drug into World of Warcraft. I could go on for pages about the fun I had, how we geeked out talking to each other with the head sets on, or the amazing friends I met and lives that touched mine through this crazy online interaction. Right now I just want my damned game. I know it's on it's way, and I'm like an impatient three old who wants the prize RIGHT NOW.


  1. I just found you and I love reading others that Blog from Idaho and a geek to boot is another plus. I was really into Unreal Tournament all of them and in a clan, but had to let it go by the way side as UT3 kind of killed it for PC. I never got into the MMO's and stayed with FPS.
    I'll be stopping by and see how the gaming and the goats go....
    I'll add you to my blogroll if you don't mind

  2. Would you believe I have a Wiley sticker on the back of my truck. He is my idol. Keeps getting the stuffing knocked out of him, and gets right back up and tries again. I've not really gotten into the FPS, but I'm STILL waiting for my game to show up today.



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