Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The lolerskate is back on the road

It's been about a month and a half that I've been driving Engine 9 (The Big Red Truck). My little white truck has been dead in the yard with a flat tire, and me with no spare. This is it in the drive after Scott changed the oil.

Why on earth would you change the oil on a yard ornament? Well he bought the stuff for it the day before, and the tire wasn't flat then. And we never planned to let it sit as long as it did, but, well, like everyone else, we're broke. After driving the Big Red Beast for so long, getting in my little truck last night felt like driving a roller skate, hence, the Lolerskating. Grampa Gene was going to buy me one new tire for Xmas, and somehow, I ended up with four, top of the line, all terrain, Cooper Tires. Grampa Gene is freaking AMAZING, and I can't thank him enough for doing this for me. The other tires were about shot as well, and with snow coming on, I was dreading driving it. It's already like trying to steer an ice cube around on a wet floor. The old tires weren't even tires anymore, they were like slicks. The tire was flatter than this when we moved it over in front of the round pen. Right down on the rim. 

After, lastnight in the dark

We maintenanced the lolerskate while it was a yard ornament too. The battery went dead after only setting a week. The truck is an '04, and had the same battery as when I bought it. Dead battery, and single digits = piece 'o crap sitting under the hood. The heater was only working when you went over 40/mph, and that turned out to be a low on fluids issue. It's gotten new brakes and rotors in the last six months. Scott replaced the right rear main seal when he did the brakes too. Come spring it'll prolly need new struts since it's starting to sway like a drunken hooker as you go down the road.

I sold my 20 gauge shot gun to a guy at Scott's work. I've had it for over 6 years, only used it one dove season when I bought it, and then just plunked at some targets here and there. We used the money to head to Pocatello to pick up Scott's old Chevy s-10. It got maintenced too. New wipers, cap, rotor, wires, spark plugs. Scotty pulled the cover, and gave it a new seal since it was leaking oil. With diesel being over $4.00/gal, this little truck is a great beater to run back and forth to work with, and let the kids drive once they get their license and the sidewalks aren't safe anymore.

And the obligatory Christmas tree picture. We drove to Twin Falls last night, and grabbed a tree while we were there. Rearranged the living room so it would fit. Jess and I decorated it last night.

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