Thursday, October 29, 2009

About damned time

My lawyers finally got their shit together. After sending it to the wrong address, stalling for two weeks, and getting the acct number wrong, my lawsuit is finally over and done with. We've paid Steve for Benjamin. Got Andrea taken care of for the fence. My truck is not in danger of being repoed anymore. The guy from Idaho Power came out this morning and did all the final work for the estimate on what it's going to take and cost to get power out to the house. The building inspector was out this morning and we are offically approved to build. The foundation is all dug out, the forms set for the concrete, and they started pouring the footings today. Of course I had my camera out there, but not the chip inside to store the damned pics once I took them. I bought myself my first new pair of boots in years. I haven't had a pair of cowboy boots in so long. It's the first thing I've bought myself that cost more than a hundred dollars in so long. Now I just need some jean, as I split the inside of the thigh of the one pairof  jeans I had left.Tomorrow Scott takes the deposite to Idaho Power so they can get started putting in poles. Steve wants us to come look at a red dun gelding tomorrow afternoon. Benjamin and Patches are getting fat and happy out in the pasture.

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