Wednesday, October 14, 2009

God loves stupid people

And for some reason wants to send them all into my grooming shop. Two days ago I had a new customer with two little dogs. She was referred by some one she saw walking down the road. I always want to do a really good job on referrals. Not that I don't always try and do a good job, but I like to really make sure on a referral. Her first words when she walked in weren't hi, nice to meet you. She said, "I'm going to trust you to good job, and if I don't like it, I'm not coming back." I just stood there staring at her. Now I'm nervous as all get out. I kept trying to get precise directions. What kind of length did she want on the body. Were we going to take any of the length off the ears. Did she want the second dog's face short and round like the first? She just kept telling me she trusted me, but damn if she didn't like it was all I could think of. She did tell me she wanted their head pretty short so she could see their eyes.

Of course two days later she has a problem with the eyes. On just one. The dog she gushed over how nice it looked, How the haircut was finally evened out. How her little face was so nice. The hair was thinner on this one than the other. The first thing she did when the lady put her down on the floor after inspection was sit and itch her face. Now she doesn't remember seeing this. I must have cut her. How could I not have known? It must have been incredibly painful when I did it, so why didn't I tell her when she picked them up? Not that she actually saw anything until later that night. Now she has carpet burn on her nose from rubbing it on the floor. But she's not mad at me. Oh no. She just wanted to bring the dog in so I could see it. o.O uh.... And just my luck, she loved the job I did so she's gonna come back. again... o.O Why oh why did I not do a terrible job so she would go back to her old groomer? sigh

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