Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Looking at ponies

So the hunt is on. The money is almost here ,and I have been looking like crazy over the internet for just the right horse. The requirements are: gelding, between 4-10, broke, walks out on his own, not too spooky, built well. I've found two so far. Last week I went out and met Buck. Buck belongs to Randy, a guy Scott works with. I love him. I love the way he looks I should say. Buckskin, 9 years old, 14.2h. One white sock, huge white blaze. He was gelded late so he still has the big stud jowls. He seemed a little too hot to me. He's a roping horse, I have no use for that. Randy uses a pretty harsh curb type bit on him to make his sit down and stop Now. I rope him in just a simple snaffle. He doesn't want to stop and stand. He walked off when I got on. Bad pony, no cookie. I can work on both of those. He's built like a tank and could go through the mountians all damned day. I loved how when the younger son took him back to the pasture he tugged on the lead rope and Buck put his nose down almost to the dirt so the kid could wrestle with the buckle on the halter. The little kids ride him around the pasture alot, so they say.

Then there is Bow.I'm trying to make plans to go and see this handsome guy. I came across his add on craigslist, and emailed the owner for a better pic than the one in the add. I recognized the email addy as the last name of a friend of mine from the games I play on the computer. So I meailed him and asked if it was the horse I saw pics of from when he was just here in Idaho over the summer. Yup, same horse. It's his Mom's. She sent me some pics and his pedigree. I think he's beautiful. Heather wants to know why I haven't already bought him. Both of them are more money than I can really wrap my brain around paying since my first horse was $150, and the next two were free. Bow is up for sale because his mom is getting a little older, and he's just a little too much horse for her. They don't ride enough to put the kind of miles on him to work the willies out of him. I don't see that happening around here with the way Kurt likes to head out into the mountians, and being able to ride out the back of our property along the canal forever. I don't think Bow is built as nice as Buck, but gosh he's got some color.

I went the day I rode Buck to check out two paints. A tobi mare and a frame gelding. I didn't even bother to try and get ahold of the owner. I didn't like either of them looking at them over the fence. The mare had a huge crest neck, very fat. Kurt said it could be a sign of her foundering. They both had horrible steep, upright shoulder. That doesn't make for a smooth ride. She was pushy to the other horses. We just got Patches off Tim's property away from mares like that. Pass. The gelding was pretty. Color. That's about it. I'm not a huge fan of bald faces where one of the eyes are white. Bow has a bald face, but both his eyes have color around them.

The black and white frame gelding had green goobers on the bald eye, and scaley flacky skin all over that side of his face. So I passed on both of them.

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