Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ponies on my property and we got a road

A few days ago we finally got Patches over to our place. We bought a Gallagher Solar Fence Charger. There is no electricity out there yet. Andrea has her two horses out there already and had electric fence up, even though it wasn't hot. We borrowed a truck and trailer from our friend Kurt. He's the one who takes out riding all the time, and we bought Patches from. We brought over a horse from his place as a friend for Patches. She's a 3 year old, appy, curly mare. Part of the road back to the irrigation ditch had been cleared out, so we were able to pull right up on the property for the first time. Got the charger up and running, hooked up the fence and we were ready. Patches came out first, then Roxy. Soda, the mustang gelding, and Illusion, buckin groing grey paint mare were nosey and wanting to see waht we brought. Patch and Rox both decided to be in heat Right now, and are peeing every time Soda comes near them. There was some general running around the pasture. Soda like to try and run Roxy off. She's the low man on the totem pole. It doesn't look like anyone is bothering with the fence. Andrea is making sure water stays full in the tub in the pasture. Her hose from the house reaches out there.

Yesterday I stopped to check on the ponies, and we had a ROAD!!! Juan had come out lastweek and cleared where the road is going to go back to the irrigation ditch. Well yesterday he came out and worked on the road all day. It goes clear back to the back of the property now. He took out all the grass and piled it up. He'll haul it off later. We walked out over to where we want the house, and I showed him the stakes that Paul and Scott had placed for the house. When we were leaving lastnight he was out the with the headlights on the tractor digging out the driveway.

Here's the view from the main road.

Back to the back of the property

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